Sea Bass, Flounder and Triggers

By Scott Lenox

Sea Bass, Flounder and Triggers

Hit the vid above for the Daily Catch at The Ocean City Fishing Center and get in on some of this awesome fall fishing!

Yup, another beautiful day!  The wind had a little crank to it for a while this afternoon, but it was warm and sunny and and all around awesome late October day.

Captain Chris Mizurak of the Angler reported a good day of fishing for the B&D crew today with plenty of sea bass and some flounder around the rail.

Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star had a good day on today’s trip with some sea bass, fluke and some big triggerfish.

A bit of WSW air rustled the leaves around the marina this morning. Not an alarming breeze; enough wind to have been most welcome in high summer. Made for a nice day.
Big John sent a twenty block unit by the rail; landed perfectly atop Kathys Reef where it will help bolster production and make it much easier for reef sponsors to find.
Neither yesterday nor today began with a bang. We had the kind of fishing that’s a bit tough, yet steady; certainly not illustrious. So long as they’re biting? Suits me!
We also had a fair-smart of flounder. Where often times it will only be two or three guys that have the luck, today’s fluke were spread evenly around the rail.
Instead of everyone’s attention focused on cbass, though, fluke occupied their thoughts. Some limits – Sure! – but no boat limit of sea bass. One fluke limit and lots of dern fine ones around the rail.
Made a nice day of catching.
Big John, of course, applied his reef builder’s karma to today’s flounder (and not cbass) & limited. Had he focused on cbass five minutes sooner his 14 sea bass might have had one more in the box for a double limit! While John’s was the hot hand, was Kevin from Pasadena who won the heaviest fluke pool.
Incredibly, Sea Bass Bob caught – wait for it… Yes!! Who’d have guessed! Sea Bass Bob had yet another sea bass limit & our first of today. But, again, Wayne from up PA took the pool money for cbass.
On the way in I saw a distant blow. Late as late could be, I turned for it anyway. Not everyone has seen a whale – I try to put folks close enough to have had an unmistakable view.
Just as I gave up? Dead astern!
We got a few looks but I shot no pictures. Then saw another!
Turning for home – seriously crazy late – I wasn’t 300 some yards away when one of the pair did a full tail throw – the back third of it’s body crashing back to the sea with a terrific splash. (This, I am certain, is a humpback’s way of flipping me the (tail)fin..)
We were another half a mile on when yet a third whale spouted..
Dogone it.
Almost dark.
I may just post my first ever whale watch soon.
Marked a lot of bait. �If the food stays, so will they.
Great Gull Shoal if you have a boat and want to see em.
Could easily be 30 miles away overnight..
I bet not though.

Captain Willie Zimmerman of the RoShamBo had another great day on the ocean today with three swordfish going in the box along with a limit of blueline tilefish.
Flounder fishing is still really good in the back bay down by the route 50 bridge and inlet.  This morning Caleb Powell, Bill Powell and Mike Shockley used Deadly Tackle Deadly Doubles in chartreuse and pink baited with Gulp and had 8 keeper flounder in the east channel.

Check out my trip on the Angler from a few weeks back…..and Subscribe!!

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