Snakeheads and Big Cats

By Scott Lenox

Snakeheads and Big Cats

It’s snowing right now, but we had some pretty nice weather to start off the week.  Temperatures reached the mid 60s on Tuesday and it was a great day to be outside or on the water if you had the chance.  I had a great time filming a new episode of Hooked on OC with my old friend Captain Jim Emanuel on a local pond and we even had a good day of fishing.  We caught and released some largemouth bass, pickerel and BIG bluegill and we put some slab sized crappie in the cooler that ended up in what Captain Jim called “Lake Crisco.”  It was a great time and contrary to their name, the crappie were very tasty.

There isn’t a whole lot of fishing going on this time of year so I welcome fishing reports from our charter partners when they are out catching fish locally.  Captain Marc Spagnola of Dusk to Dawn Bowfishing has taken a couple of trips lately doing his part to eradicate a couple of invasive species in Maryland and he’s gotten some good pics and some delicious fillets for the freezer.  During the nice weather earlier in the week Captain Marc took his lovely girls out for a day of catfishing and had some terrific luck.  Captain Marc put his wife Mindy and daughter Alivia on some blue catfish, one of which was a whopping 40″ fish.  Blue cats are an invasive species in Maryland and can now be found in most tributaries of the Chesapeake Bay.  Like snakeheads, Maryland DNR recommends harvesting blue catfish because of their destructive effect on our ecosystems.  Both fish have tasty fillets and northern snakeheads are now illegal to possess, import or transport live in Maryland….all fish must be dead and/or filleted.

Speaking of snakeheads, Captain Marc was back to bowfishing last night before the temperatures broke cold and was able to find some fish in the shallows enjoying the warmer water.  They didn’t enjoy it long as Captain Mark steered Dusk to Dawn into the skinny water and went full Robin Hood on a couple of nice fish that ended up in the cooler.

If you’d like to get in on some of this action with Captain Marc or you’re looking to book an inshore trip with one of our inshore charter partners this season, you can check them all out at

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