Some Bigger Tog Starting to Chew

By Scott Lenox

Some Bigger Tog Starting to Chew

Check out the Daily Catch with Captain Willie Zimmerman at the Ocean City Fishing Center!

I’m down in sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida with the crew producing the live broadcast of the Ft Lauderdale Air Show and I’ll admit the weather is very nice.  I heard that it was reely nice back home today too and there were plenty of anglers out enjoying it.

Captain Chase Eberle of Chasin’ Tides charters had two trips today that ended up successful for his clients. There were some nice tog caught on this mornings trip up to 9 pounds and this afternoon some Seabass and triggerfish hit the cooler.

Captain Kane Bounds of the Fish Bound has been having good success on his trips recently.  Captain Kane has been decking tog, sea bass, flounder, red drum, triggerfish and ribbon fish for his anglers.

Captain Chris Mizurak of the Angler reported calm seas and good fishing with sea bass up to 3.5 pounds and some keeper flounder.

Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star enjoyed beautiful weather and good fishing today as well and did some more important work for the Ocean City Reef Foundation.

Had to step waaaay down to get aboard this AM. Wind blown looow tide wasn’t quite epic, close though. Shantytown channel gave us no trouble.
Ocean had a nasty sharp set out of the south first thing; a tight swell with no wind on it at all.
Otherwise? Clear blue skies and light winds. Water grew calmer and calmer all day. As nice a day in November as you could ever ask really.
Derned if the sea bass didn’t make us pay for it though! Worked well into overtime to scratch a decent catch together. Supposed to be a 3:30 trip. Don’t guess folks will be upset about getting in after 5… Cbassing was easier in August. Hope they act like it’s late fall before too long.
Ended up with three clients limited -!Brian Scarborough of Ocean View DE first. There were probably others who limited but they boxed em up in mixed coolers. Regardless, plenty of un-turkey fish fries coming this week.
David Tribbit of Milford DE pocketed today’s cbass pool.
Leslie Clark of Brandywine MD, & Iris Miller from Fayetteville PA were our guest reef builders..
Forecast is mighty switchy. Perhaps we’ll pull off a reef trip before TG dinner. Shoot, don’t even have to clean house for company, may as well do something constructive with the morning. Don’t have many 160lb pyramids right now. Our 16×20 chimney blocks are helium infused – so light they almost float. (No they aren’t and no they don’t! Crazy heavy blocks!) If interested in volunteering for a block trip watch this page or sign up for emails at ..
It’ll depend on the weather. If you’re up for some sore muscles, we might be able to help!
Cheers All,

The rockfish bite in the back bay has been fire lately and the past couple of days have been very good.  Joel Mick fished the south jetty where he caught and released some red drum and short stripers and he found this 29” keeper at the route 50 bridge.

Andy Yakim and his crew shot down to the Verrazano bridge for a good day of some pretty nice rockfish.   The guys had several short fish, one 26.5 incher and a 29” keeper.

John Wooldridge took his son Grayson and Grayson’s buddy JJ out this afternoon where they caught and released six rockfish around 21” in some 51 degree water in the St Martin river.

Amy Pitarra caught and released her first ever rockfish while fishing with her husband Mike and her boys.

Brian Yakimowicz and his crew hit the Great Eastern Reef today and put a nice pile of sea bass on the dock.

Owen West was fishing from his dock last night WAY up the St Martin river when he caught and released this 26” rockfish.

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