Sporty Seas and 5 Double Digit Tautog

By Scott Lenox

Sporty Seas and 5 Double Digit Tautog

It was a chilly one today, but for the most part it was your average late February weather day.  Temps in the 40s, lightish winds and intermittent clouds and sun….like I said, average.  In the ocean it was a tale of two seas as this morning was pretty calm, but this afternoon it was real sporty.  Good thing there were some tautog around to keep the mind off of it.

Captain Chase Eberle of Chasin’ Tides Charters didn’t have an incredible day overall, but he did manage some great fish for his crew.  Not a ton of action with just 8 keepers going in the box, but there were five very impressive fish over 10 pounds.  The five double digit tautog or “DD’s” were 12.5, 13, 13.5, 14 and 17.5.  Awesome fish!  They knocked one lucky angler out cold!

Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star had a “meh” day today with some fish coming over the rail, but nothing to write home about.  Great thing about Captain Monty is you get the report good, bad or “meh”.

Overcast day made for a lackluster sunrise. At least we didn’t have to suffer more easterlies. Frank from up Long Island gave our reef blocks a shove atop a reef in need of nourishment; we kept paddling. 

Tried hard to get em going. Nick one, throw it back. Another – same. Box one, release another – a few throwbacks were keepers and none seemed eager to bite. 

Slooooow day with, as Capt Ricky used to call his regulars, an ‘All Star’ rail. 

The conspiracy theorists, who lately can see anything imaginable in any possible scenario, (especially if it’s on social media with a gossamer tendril’s whisp of logic,) have me only catching good when I have regulars aboard. 

How, I wonder, does a business–any business–create “regulars”?


I suspect showing new clients a good time is key. 

Long about 10:30 the wind fell out, current was slack; had to drift two spots.  Was supposed to pick up sharply and did – then we anchored. 

Saw three humpbacks upwind – way too far for pics – binoculars distance. 

Nicked a few more tog. Boxed 2 all day and put the rest back. 

Did have a VA tag. Got the info and rereleased it. Hope that fish sees many more spawning seasons. 

Wind was supposed to fall back out after its midday burst of energy. 

Ahh.. Nope. About 23 knots the rest of the afternoon. Good thing that wind had a lot of west in it. Right saucy but calmer and calmer as we tightened up to the beach. 

No elGrande this trip. Not my day. Not even a little bit. 

Looks like a few more trips before CG & yard work begin. 

Imagine a house that steadily depreciates despite tens of thousands in maintenance a year – that’s my boat! 

She’ll need a full paint this year. When the sanders and grinders get going is when you find what REALLY needs done.

Oh Joy.. 


Check out our Ocean City fishing spots vid before you get ready for the season!!

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