Stalker Drops Two 200 Pound Tuna on Day Three of the 2019 MidAtlantic

By Scott Lenox

Stalker Drops Two 200 Pound Tuna on Day Three of the 2019 MidAtlantic

When the weather forecast for the week came out most of us covering the 2019 MidAtlantic thought that it would be a fish Monday, Tuesday and Friday type of event thanks to rough weather forecast for today and tomorrow.  It certainly seems to be panning out that way as most boats fished Monday and Tuesday, only 49 boats fished today and I’m guessing not many head out tomorrow.  Sometimes the amount of boats has little bearing on how many good fish come to the scales, as we found out today when there was some reel shakeup on the leaderboard for the 2019 MidAtlantic.  The boat that did the most shaking was Fish in OC charter partner Stalker with Captain Steve Moore who dropped a couple of bigeye on the dock that weighed 207 and 226 pounds and jumped into the lead in the tuna category.  Here’s what the leaderboard looks like after three days of fishing.

Outside of the tournament Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star gave a weather disclaimer this morning and then put some folks on some fish.

Hi Scott, 
Pulled into the OC Fishing Center this morning and saw the old Shantytown flag stretched taut out of the south. Forecast I was looking at was far more kind than what the flag was showing I gave a Weather Warning: “If you’re prone to motion sickness or have back/neck injuries, please consider another day..” 
Oops.. Forecast was right. Weather was fine. No good deed goes unpunished.. 
Caught some sea bass – working for em. Big clouds of fish on sounders from which we’d see 2 or 3 keepers. Sometimes. 
Other times none! 
Fish Harder! 
Had a false albacore take a bait on the way down – rascal swam all around and tangled everyone aboard (which wasn’t many anglers after my weather warning..) 
Bob Cameron from up New Haledon NJ continued to target fluke today & finally landed a solid keeper – took everyone’s pool money with his 19.75 incher. Right at the bell he landed another. 
Those are the only two keeper fluke I’ve seen in over a week.
Mate Mark Pershing looks rather incredulous as he comes to grips with his wholly involuntary surrender of a nice sea bass. Boy, that fish is going to be awesome on the captain’s table tonight.  
Matt Smith from Sykesville MD landed a nice keeper double. 
Ryan Insolera of Ann Arbor MI shows off a pretty one. 
Also pictured in the group snap are Cory Barbosa of Catonsville MD – Alex, Mark, & Brad Lanasa of Arbutus MD – plus Steve & Joanne Cohen of Whitehall MD.

Captain Chase Eberle of Chasin’ Tides Charters had a nice evening on the ocean yesterday.  Captain Chase put his anglers on a bunch of peanut mahi for the fish box and also released some big sand tiger sharks.

Cheri P. of East Brunswick, NJ caught this
23 1/2″, 5 lb. 5 oz Flounder on a
White gulp and shiner in the Thorofare while fishing on the Tortuga with Captain Drew Zerbe and
Mates Serge Garder and Austin Korycki.

Bear down at the Oceanic Pier sent this photo of Brett who caught a nice triggerfish from the north sea wall on a sand flea.

The Fin City crew with angler Jake Fitzsimmons killed this 17″ flounder while drifting the east channel on a live bunker.  The crew also released several throwback flounder and some annoying sea robins.

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