Super Busy Day at the 2020 White Marlin Open

By Scott Lenox

Super Busy Day at the 2020 White Marlin Open

WHOA!!  I just got back from one of the busiest days of scales action that I can remember for the White Marlin Open.  I had a feeling that it was going to be a busy day when we found out that 360 boats were fishing today, and I predicted last night that a qualifying white marlin would be caught….I didn’t think there would be 4 though!  The white marlin category now has a fish in every place, there are some big tuna and mahi on the board and there is a very nice wahoo winning some money too.  The only places still open are the blue marlin and shark categories, but there are still three busy days left to fish so fish might land in those spots as well.  Here’s what the leaderboard looks like after three days of fishing.


3rd Place     Salt Lick     35.5 Pounds     $20,000

2nd Place     Wrecker     40 Pounds     $2,000

1st Place     Seacurity     54 Pounds     $20,000


1st Place     Magic Moment     60.5 Pounds     $20,000


3rd Place     Blue Runner     106 Pounds     $395,000

2nd Place     Restless Lady II    114.5 Pounds     $900,000

1st Place     Sentient     121 Pounds     $85,000

White Marlin

3rd Place     Tie     Reel Estate / Reel Steel     72 Pounds     $115,000 each

2nd Place     Sea Toy     72.5 Pounds     $1,700,000

1st Place     Hook & Settle     74 Pounds     $1,100,000

Away from the tournament Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star found the sea bass all knotted up after Tuesday’s storm.

Sea bass all knotted up after minicanne , after our guest reef builder, Kyler Hillis of Baltimore, dropped blocks we got busy with the catching. Nice bite, lots of throwbacks with numerous keepers too. Doug Andrews of Emmitsburg MD landed our first limit at 10:17 this morning. Paul Hinklemen of Rosedale MD took everyone’s pool money..
> Had a squall line come through about 11 to push the dog out. Wasn’t much wind & glad of it—stayed on the fish just fine, rain only turned torrential for a short bit. Lot of sparks in it though. I’ve got an old-timey ship’s wheel, the wooden kind (& soon looking for a new one that’s 21” across the wheel or 29” across the spokes—used but better than mine!) Think it was in 1994 or 1995 when a nearby lightning strike zapped me good on a stainless wheel—put my deckhand hauling anchor to his knees also.
> No more of that. Clients are advised to stay off the metal rail; no hauling anchor when lightning’s nearby, and no stainless wheel for me ever again. I’ve felt some electricity with a wet wooden wheel too, but not like stainless!
> I’m sometimes asked why trees are such a bad idea at a golf course when any boat at sea has to be the tallest thing around..
> Well, it’s all about grounding – essentially you ‘hide’ from lightning by making your boat electrically neutral—making the bonding system best you’re able.
> I have an aluminum mast holding up my radars and various antennas/anchor nav light. When my Dad and I rewired the Morning Star in the winter of 2002/2003, and despite everything bonded to a fare-the-well with mil-spec connections, he had me run a cable—dern near the size of battery cable—from the mast straight to the exterior-mounted bonding plate. Though I felt the pinch buying it, I’ve never regretted it when lightning’s about.
> No Sir, stay hidden from that business..
> Boat’s running light this Covid summer. Usually a couple spots open – half the boat some days. Sea bass fishing may be excellent; state of the world is not. I’ve got everyone spaced out 6.5 feet except across the transom. Salt air & sun sure don’t hurt our chances either.
> Interested in booking call 410.520.2076 – email me questions at [email protected] – I Do Not Have FaceBook Messenger on my phone. Send a note there and it may be a week before I see it..
> Cheers
> Monty

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