Swordfish and Tilefish are Snapping!

By Scott Lenox

Swordfish and Tilefish are Snapping!

Check out RoShamBo’s MD state record swordfish catch!!

Today was an absolutely beautiful day to be on the ocean!!  I was able to go fishing on the RoShamBo with Captain Willie Zimmerman and I can tell you first hand it was slick calm and gorgeous!  I was joined by John Wittmyer from Crabs to Go, Bryan Mindte from Sunset Provisions and Chris Kavanagh from East Coast Construction.  Zoe and Hunter from the Ocean City Fishing Center joined us and we all had a great time.  Captain Willie and mates Austin and Bobby showed us a limit of blueline tilefish in about two hours, and then we preceded to go swordfishing where we had 10 bites.  We put two swordfish in the box, released a few more and lost a couple including one we think was a bruiser.  I also got to release an estimated 300+ pound hammerhead shark that had us all thinking stud swordfish.  It was a great day on the ocean with great people!

Captain Austin Ensor and his crew on Primary Search had a great day out in the deep as well.  The #gang boxed one swordfish for the grill and released five more swordfish on the day.  They also added a tuna and a mahi.

Captain Chris Mizurak of the Angler reported good fishing in great weather today with a boat limit of sea bass, a couple of flounder, some scup and one grey trout.

Anglers on board the Morning Star with Captain Monty Hawkins had good fishing in today’s beautiful weather.

Day began pretty as you could want.  Sun rose with an artist’s touch; seas calm; air temp a bit brisk but of no complaint; we ambled on off to Capt. Bobby’s Memorial Reef where young Josiah & Isaiah dropped 20 blocks to the ocean floor. 

A good nap later we began fishing. Found a nice mixed bite of fluke & sea bass right out of the gate – including picture worthy examples of both. 

I’d been hoping summer flounder would come back on – indeed they did 

..for a while. Why even Jigmaster Tom had a fluke rig on and was working it to good effect.

Wind and current switched; come around NW a bit. Oyyyyy… That was that. Nicked a few more flounder including several that were snagged. Even the sea bass bite fell off a cliff. 

Fished through the lull. Drift & anchor – no variation in presentation made a real difference. Gradually the sea bass bite came back on. Made for an enjoyable day of angling with one client limited and everyone in double digits on cbass, and three guys who boxed three fluke apiece. 

Do have a couple spots left for tomorrow’s trip. Forecast is fantastic. See my fish report at morningstarfishing.com if interested in booking a spot. 

This nice keeper flounder was caught on board the Miss Ocean City on today’s trip.

Tyler Ludwig, Collin Ludwig and Tyler Clazey fished the ocean just off of Assateague Island where they caught and released four red drum from 43″ to Tyler’s largest

at 51″.

Joe Bish fished the muddy waters of the Fenwick Ditch where he had some catch and release striper action.

Hit our YouTube Channel for some route 50 rockfishing!

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