Swordfish, Sea Bass, Flounder and A Jumbo Tautog

By Scott Lenox

Swordfish, Sea Bass, Flounder and A Jumbo Tautog

Swordfish, deep drop, sea bass, you name it….Atlantic Tackle has got the rig to catch it!

Friendly reminder……it’s November 8.  For those of you that were outside today fishing, working in the yard, bike riding, playing golf (like me) thinking that it’s a beautiful late spring day and summer is right around the corner….it’s not.  I’ve been fooled the past few days too, but I’m just keeping it reel.  This weather has been absolutely ridiculous this week and though winter is the next season and not summer, I’m going to enjoy it while I can and you should too.  A lot of anglers did today and they caught a bunch of fish again too.

Stephen Hadley of the private boat Fish Box from Berlin, MD caught this jumbo tautog today on a flat calm ocean.  The big tog was 26″ and weighed in at 14 pounds.  Bigger fish will be caught this winter as the water temps cool down, but this is the largest I’ve seen so far this fall.  Pretty work!

It was awesome conditions and good fishing for the ocean going party boat fleet again today with loads of sea bass, some flounder and triggerfish.  Captain Chris Mizurak of the Angler enjoyed “my kind of day” today and put his folks on a load of tasty fillets.

Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star had another good day today too and his anglers got to see a pretty neat show as a thresher shark chowed down

Flat calm.
No Fog.
Stunning ocean vista.
Saw a thresher shark making a meal of something, tail thrashing as it’s name implies.
Then came upon a humpback whale; flipped us the tail – twice.
Saw several loggerhead turtles.
Casted to a school of false albacore (little tunny) – Hooked Up! Made bait..
Rarely has a day ever begun more gloriously
..then we started fishing.
Time warped into a calm August day? That’s how the sea bass behaved – a light summer bite. Giant schools on screen – occasionally we’d not get a single bite.
Work harder.
Stay later.
Told clients I wasn’t missing 60 Minutes though.
Gerald Meadows lands a fluke before anyone caught a sea bass. Keeper. Used all his luck right then and there though.
Had to keep after it today. Bob Hauser bagged out first at 1:10pm – George & Doren not long after.
Jack Smathers from Newark DE took everyone’s pool money with a nice sea bass.
All aboard are headed home with plenty for dinner – most clients are in double digits.
Except one.
He used all his luck up early.
Captain Chase Eberle of Chasin’ Tides Charters was on the ocean today with father and son team that tore the tautog up.
Blake Gunther fished the bay with his son Brooks and put him on his first ever keeper tautog.
Offshore conditions were just as good as inshore conditions today making the drift a very enjoyable experience.  Captain Mike Burt and the crew of the Pumpin’ Hard had three swordfish bites and boated two keeper sized fish and only used one bait.
Captain Willie Zimmerman of the RoShamBo was back in the deep again today.  After catching and releasing the first swordfish ever for RoShamBo yesterday the crew followed up by putting the first legal swordfish on the deck today.  They also added some nice deep drop fish like this blackbelly rosefish.

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