The Kids Can Fish!

By Scott Lenox

The Kids Can Fish!

Today was day 1 of the Ocean City Marlin Club’s 12th Annual Kid’s Classic Tournament and it was a doozie!  This is an awesome event put on by the Ocean City Marlin Club with categories from billfish release to croaker.  It’s all about getting kids fishing with family and friends and helping them fall in love with our sport.  Below are the standings in each category with some great shots from the scales action at Sunset Marina this afternoon.  Big thanks to Amanda Shick for the photos and for organizing a terrific event.





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Fish in OC charter partner Wrecker with Jeremy Blunt had a great day fishing the Kid’s Classic today.  Captain Jeremy put the kids on two white marlin releases and some awesome mahi action.

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Captain Dave Black of My Cin put Kayla Arantowicz on her first ever white marlin on trip to the Norfolk Canyon today.


The Lisa with Captain Stu Windsor and mate Captain Dave Hagner had a terrific day with tunas today boxing two bluefin tuna, three yellowfin tuna and two mahi.


The bowfishing in the back bays of Ocean City has been stellar over the past weeks.  Captain Mark Spagnola of Dusk to Dawn Bowfishing has been putting shooters on some really nice southern and cow nosed rays.

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Captain John Prather on Ocean City Guide Service has been doing well on the bowfishing as well.  Captain John put a couple of shooters on 10 cow nosed rays on a trip this afternoon.


Bear at the Oceanic Pier sent in a great shot of Roman Baccella with a nice keeper flounder.


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