The MidAtlantic Tournament Day 2 Has Another Blue Marlin

The MidAtlantic Tournament Day 2 Has Another Blue Marlin

By Scott Lenox

Scott Lenox
Scott is the owner of Fish in OC and host of Ocean City's fishing television show Hooked on OC. He has worked in the fishing industry and fished the waters in and around Ocean City for over 25 years.

We have had a beautiful stretch of weather for offshore fishing the past week.  It’s not often that a fish three of five day event will have good weather for the entire week, but that’s exactly what it looks like for the 24th Annual MidAtlantic Tournament.  We had what was a relatively slow day today with only 59 of the 139 registered boats fishing, but there were some big changes to the leaderboard.


There is no 3rd heaviest dolphin in the dolphin category thanks to a tie for 2nd place.  The crew of the Double Trouble pulled into Sunset Marina this afternoon and almost didn’t weigh what ended up being a 22 pound mahi that is currently tied with the other 2nd place fish caught on the Reel Toy yesterday.

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The 1st place dolphin was caught by the Saltitude yesterday and weighed 23 pounds on the scale at The Canyon Club Marina and Resort in Cape May, NJ.


There was no change to the wahoo category today though a few wahoo were weighed that didn’t quite hit the board.   3rd heaviest fish in the wahoo category was caught by the crew of the Lady Luck and weighed 49 pounds on the scale at Sunset Marina in Ocean City yesterday.


The 2nd heaviest wahoo weighed in at 54 pounds and was also weighed in Ocean City by the crew of the No Problem.


1st place in the heaviest wahoo category is still held by the 57 pound wahoo caught on board the Reel Desire III and was weighed yesterday in Cape May.


The 3rd heaviest tuna was the 2nd heaviest tuna yesterday.  The crew of the Operating Room weighed a 198 pound bigeye in Cape May yesterday that was bumped to 3rd place in the category today.

The 2nd heaviest tuna was caught aboard the Canyon Runner and was weighed in Ocean City yesterday.  The Canyon Runner’s 199 pound bigeye was bumped to 2nd place today by a nice fish that currently holds 1st place.


The heaviest tuna of the tournament so far and the tuna that did the bumping was brought in to Sunset Marina today by the crew of the Plane Simple.  The 214 pound bigeye caught by Jim Jensen was an impressive fish and currently holds the lead in the heaviest tuna category.


Blue Marlin

We had another qualifying blue marlin come to the scales in Ocean City today that was caught by the crew of the Fish On.  The Fish On weighed a beautiful 437 pound blue marlin that is currently 2nd place in the category.


1st place in the blue marlin category is still held by the crew of the Ringleader who weighed their 543 pound blue marlin at the scale at Sunset Marina in Ocean City yesterday.


White Marlin

There is still only one qualifying white marlin on the board for the 24th Annual MidAtlantic Tournament.  A 65 pound white marlin caught on board the Lady Luck by angler Steve Ramsey was weighed in Ocean City yesterday and is still the only qualifying white marlin in the event.


Some Fish in OC boats had some good days out on the ocean again today.  Captain Joe Drosey on board Rhonda’s Osprey hasn’t had anything for the scale yet, but he is having one of the better release totals of The MidAtlantic Tournament.  Captain Joe has put his crew on nine total white marlin releases in two days of fishing.


The crew of the Moore Bills with Captain Rob Skillman had an interesting morning.  Mate Steve Moore reported that they stole a BIG mako’s breakfast this morning.  What was left of a swordfish weighed 166 pounds and they had the mako hooked for a short time.  They estimated the mako conservatively at 800-1000 pounds.  They then caught some mahi and released two white marlin for good measure and an all around great trip.


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