The Yellowfin Tuna Were Snappin’

By Scott Lenox

The Yellowfin Tuna Were Snappin’

Plenty of time to get to Atlantic Tackle for Father’s Day.  Check out the vid for some goodies.

It was a pretty nasty day on the beach today with cool temps, rain and a little bit of wind out of the northeast.  Thankfully it didn’t blow too hard offshore for the trolling fleet to get off because the yellowfin tuna were absolutely chewing.

Captain Mark Hoos of the MARLI has been the Ocean City Marlin Club top tuna catching charter boat for over 17 years and today he put a bunch on the board to repeat in 2021.  Captain Mark showed his anglers some crazy good fishing with 18 yellowfin tuna and a nice mahi for the fish box.

Anglers on the Talkin’ Trash with Captain Chris Little were reeling away all day long with a steady bite of healthy yellowfin that resulted in 17 fish in the box.

Captain Jeremy Blunt of the Wrecker had a great day for his anglers today as well putting them on 10 yellowfin tuna including a stud at 76 pounds.

Captain Mike Burt and the crew of the Pumpin’ Hard trolled up some tunas today as well and put two nice bigeyes and 8 nice yellowfin in the boat.

The crew of the Turnin’ Fins with Captain Ron Callis had a bunch of meat in the fish box today as well putting 13 yellowfin in the boat before 10:30 this morning.

Captain Austin Ensor of the Primary Search had a great day yesterday fulfilling the Michigan Meat Market Special with his yearly crew from the Wolverine State.  The crew likes to catch a little bit of everything and that’s what Captain Austin tried putting some tuna, a swordfish, some tilefish and some black belly rosefish in the fish box.

Owen M. was fishing out of Sunset Marina in West Ocean City when he landed this nice yellowfin tuna.

Brian Brannan, Mike Ahlfeldt and Chip Raynor found some tuna yesterday in the Poorman’s Canyon going three for three on bluefin tuna.

Captain Jason Mumford of Lucky Break reported some cleaner water conditions thank to the northeast wind and he took advantage of it with four keeper flounder on each trip today and a couple of dozen crabs as bonus on this afternoon’s’ trip.

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