Tog in the Bay, Jumbo Tog in the Ocean and CCA Pickerel Championship Results

By Scott Lenox

Tog in the Bay, Jumbo Tog in the Ocean and CCA Pickerel Championship Results

We’ve got a gale warning rolling in tomorrow afternoon, but today it was absolutely gorgeous.  I had the opportunity to head to the Wicomico River with my buddy CL Marshall from Tangier Sound Charters and we absolutely murdered the big white perch.  It should make for a great new episode of Hooked on OC in a couple of weeks.  I got a couple texts and emails today while we were out and it was a fishy day.

Captain Kane Bounds and the crew of the Fish Bound were enjoying today’s nice weather and they had some very, very good tog fishing in the ocean.  Pat Scida had the big fish of the day with his personal best tog of over 18 pounds. Harris had his personal best as well at 14 pounds and the the guys added five more double digit fish for a total of 7.  They released 6 of those DD fish and boxed their three man limit to round out a great day.

Dennis Kaler got his new trolling motor installed this weekend and while he was out testing it out today he decided to make a couple of drops at Martha’s Landing where he caught and released three tautog for the first fish I’ve seen in the bay this season.

CCA Maryland’s Pickerel Championship results are in….congratulations to all of the winners!!

After 4 long months, 96 anglers submitted 615 fish for the 2022-2023 Pickerel Championship!

The longest fish of the tournament was a non-tidal 28.25″ pickerel caught by Herb Floyd, earning him longest pickerel honors in the open division and the non-tidal calcutta.

Raymond Vrablic III cleaned up with an 82″ overall 3-fish stringer, landing him in first place In the Under Armour 3-fish stringer division.  Raymond also swept the remaining calcuttas winning the Grand Slam, Tidal Pickerel, Longest Bass and the Anglers/Daiwa Calcutta.

Not to let dad take all of the glory, Talan Vrablic topped out the youth catches w/ a 26.5″ pickerel. 

Bradley Smith was the first of 3 anglers to catch a 15″ crappie, earning him first prize, and Ryan Altenburg took the perch division with a beautiful 14.75″ yellow perch.

Noah Bressman took the Kayak division w/ a beautiful 27″ pickerel.  Shawn Kimbro won the fly division with a 26″ pickerel, that also aided him in a 2nd place stringer of 79″.  Amy Fischer topped out the lady angler division with a 25.5″ pickerel.

Under Armour 3 Fish Stringer 

 1st : Raymond Vrablic III – 82″ (28″, 27.5″, 26.5″)

2nd : Shawn Kimbro – 79″ (26.5″, 26.5″, 26″)

3rd : Ryan Altenburg – 77.5″ (26″, 25.75″, 25.75″)

Longest Pickerel – Open : Herb Floyd – 28.25″

Longest Pickerel – Kayak/SUP : Noah Bressman – 27″

Tochterman’s Fly Shop Longest Pickerel – Fly : Shawn Kimbro – 26″

Longest Pickerel – Lady Angler : Amy Fischer – 25.5″

Longest Pickerel – Youth Anglers: 

1st : Talan Vrablic – 26.5″

2nd : Conrad Maillard – 25.25″

3rd : Ayden Swick – 25″

Longest Crappie :

 Bradley Smith – 15″ Black Crappie(win by time – 3 way tie)

Longest Perch : 

Ryan Alternburg – 14.75″ Yellow Perch (win by time – 2 way tie)


Grand Slam: Raymond Vrablic III : 77.75″- Pickerel – 28″, Crappie – 15″, Yellow Perch – 14″, Bass – 20.75″

Tidal Pickerel: Raymond Vrablic III – 27.5″ 

Non-Tidal Pickerel : Herb Floyd – 28.25″

Longest Bass: Raymond Vrablic III : 20.75″Anglers & Daiwa Calcutta 

Raymond Vrablic III – 28″

Tim Elliott – 25″

Jeff Jackson – 25″

Join CCA Maryland…..JOIN

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