Toothy Mean Looking Mug

By Scott Lenox

Toothy Mean Looking Mug

Check out the vid for Atlantic Tackle’s huge selection!

Today was the last day that there will be any fishing in the ocean, and maybe in the bay for quite a few days.  The remnants of tropical storm Sally are moving off the beach tonight and are forecast to turn into a pretty tough nor’easter.  The wind forecast for the next several days is for NE of 20-30 with stronger gusts and seas of 8-12 feet….and that’s inshore.  I’m pretty sure no one will fish the ocean for a while and with tomorrow’s rain forecast even bay fishing will be very sporadic.  Hopefully the fishing is as good after the wind stops as it was before it started.

Captain Joe Drosey of Rhonda’s Osprey had an awesome day offshore today with his crew releasing two blue marlin and boxing some nice mahi.

The ocean going party boat fleet had good fishing today for sea bass and flounder, and there were also a couple of mahi and at least one very big toothy, mean mugging cutlassfish.

Cleared the inlet into a foreboding sunrise; or was that dim glow the moon rising? Hard pressed to tell this morning. Dark as it was, no rain til late in the day, even enjoyed some sun did the mahi.
Don Zimmerman had high hook today with 9. Some had none. For a while I thought the feeing ports (scuppers) were going to lay some sort of claim, perhaps “most releases,” when three of today’s mahi slid back overboard.
Bob Houser of Carlisle PA had what was doubtless my largest inshore mahi ever – light leader gave way about 20 minutes into the battle.
Jeff Eshenour, also from Carlisle, didn’t seem to mind Bob’s mini-calamity when he accepted the pool money and gave it back to the mates.
Jeff also landed the longest cutlassfish I’ve seen in 5 years or so.
Everyone nicked a few sea bass; looked to me like some of the boys might have stopped for chicken if I didn’t make a few drops.
Sea bass were chewing. Irish even caught a decent fluke.
Hope they’re all biting again come next week after the storm clears.
Looks to be quite the nor-easter.
On top of getting the reservation line into final set up during the blow, I’ve another chore Saturday morning I’m hoping some can help with.
OC Reef Foundation has been given a 50’ steel sailboat. It’s up near the Bay Bridge. Want to gut it of anything that could float, make sure it’s free of oil and fuel also.
Email me at [email protected] if you’d like to get dirty.
We may truck it down which would be reasonable. Might have to tow it around instead. That’ll sting, but worth it.
When it arrives we’ll want to put it on the bottom with two heavy anchors straightaway..
I’m telling all who will read — It’s going to be a great fall for reef building!
Captain Chris Mizurak of the Angler had a good day of fishing today too with some healthy sea bass, a couple of triggerfish and some reel nice keeper flounder around the rail.
The crew of the Fish Bound with Captain Kane Bounds at the helm went flounder hunting today and they found them good.  Captain Kane put his group on a boat limit of flounder up to 5 1/2 pounds and added 60 sea bass as by catch.
Captain Jason Mumford of Lucky Break Charters continues his assault on the Ocean City inlet with a couple more trips with keeper rockfish, sheepshead, black drum and croaker.

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