Tuna & Tiaras Results and More Jumbo Flounder

By Scott Lenox

Tuna & Tiaras Results and More Jumbo Flounder

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Our 2nd day fishing Nantucket Shoals up here in Massachusetts wasn’t quite as productive as yesterday was, but for what I’m used to it was another epic day of fishing.  The crew and I had 17 keeper flounder and one big sea bass for the fish box.  The biggest fish on today’s trip were a meager 8 pounds, 8 pounds, 9 pounds and around 10 pounds……pfffft!  I could get used to this!!

Results are in for the 2nd Annual Tuna and Tiaras ladies only tuna tournament held yesterday and today.  Congratulations to tournament directors on a terrific event and to all of the lady anglers that participated.

2nd annual Tuna and Tiaras 2022
33 boats 164 ladies
Since there were no stringers,  payouts will be as follows:
1st place heaviest – Game Changer
2nd place heaviest – Billfisher
3rd place heaviest – On the Hunt
1st and 2nd place stringer – Espadon/Lucky Duck (tied in weight 51 lbs)
3rd place stringer – Hocus Pocus
Heaviest Mahi – Tighten up 14 lbs
No Wahoo weighed
$79,000 is going to the folks above!
Here are the standings for Day one of the Ocean City Marlin Club Small Boat Tournament.
Captain Chris Mizurak of the Angler reported a decent bite today on calm seas.  Angler saw plenty of nice sea bass and several keeper flounder on today’s trip.
The Judith M reported good fishing on today’s trip with keeper sea bass and some throwback flounder action.
Anglers fishing on the Tortuga out of Bahia Marina have been seeing some good flounder fishing over the past several days of nice weather.
Kathy and Tim Bielaski targeted and caught some nice triggerfish at the bass grounds today even throwing back some smaller fish.
Pat Borell was fishing the East Channel with a Fish in OC Deadly Double and green Gulp when she was surprised by this 28″ cobia.
Captain Marc Spagnola of Dusk to Dawn Bowfishing has been all over the rays and hound fish over the past few day and night trips.
Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star saw some beautiful weather and some good fishing today with one angler even getting to a limit of sea bass.

Mercy, what a calm day we had. Start to finish – beautiful. 

A while after clearing the inlet young Ms. Olivia gave our reef blocks a mighty shove; we carried on a good bit more. 

As Vic was readying the port danforth for the first drop of the day I told him, “It’s too calm.”

And it was. 

That first spot was loaded with summer-fussy sea bass—stacked up 40 feet off the bottom with precious few intent on taking a hook. Perhaps like us after Thanksgiving dinner when you just can’t eat another slice of pumpkin pie; or, more likely I think, (and I’m having trouble with G-rated analogies here) maybe something other than feeding was foremost in their minds.

After what we saw today it’s even possible that hammerheads had em spooked. Unlikely.. I’ve seen sea bass tighten up to the reef and hide for surface sharks, but never stop feeding unless sharks were right among them. 

Ah well, If they always bit we’d have wiped em out long ago. 

Still, when sea bass aren’t biting well, we fish harder. 

Taking that philosophy to heart, Jigmaster Tom even limited out. Quite an accomplishment given their degree of lockjaw. Ed from Cleveland took the pool.  Several other anglers were in double digits. I’m confident all caught dinner. We turned it into a good day by simply finding what worked and grinding it out. 

We had a collection of flat fish – windowpane, four spot, and summer flounder (fluke.)

One of my clients was supposed to be elsewhere today.. See if you can guess who. 

And, as the last of our big spawning spike pushes through the fishery, many of today’s fish were right decent. 

Too bad NOAA cannot be bothered with making sea bass spawning production a priority. 

“It’s all random.” 




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