Tuna Were Snapping Hard Again Today

By Scott Lenox

Tuna Were Snapping Hard Again Today

Only two shopping day left until Father’s Day…check out the vid for some great ideas from Atlantic Tackle.

The ocean was a little rougher for some than the weatherman said it would be, but it was still a reel fishable day and the tunas were chewing hard offshore.

I had a feeling that it was going to be a busy tuna day when I saw the first boats returning to the dock at around 12:30 with limits of yellowfin tuna.  Captain Anthony Matarese of the Reel Chaos had a fantastic day with a limit of yellowfin, but he also had the added bonus of a BIG 204 pound bigeye tuna for his anglers.

Captain Joe Drosey of Rhonda’s Osprey had a fantastic day of trolling for his anglers putting them on 18 yellowfin tuna and getting them back to the dock before 1.

Captain Mike Burt and the crew of the Pumpin’ Hard had a limit of yellowfin tuna on today’s trip.

Captain Jeremy Blunt of the Wrecker had a limit of yellowfin early and then dropped for a few golden tilefish and called it a day.

Captain Corey Kennington put Tina and Art on a limit of yellowfin tuna for their private boat Lucky Duck.

The crew of Turnin’ Fins with Captain Ron Callis was 5 for 5 on tunas and lots for lots on blueline tilefish.

Captain Chase Eberle of Chasin’ Tides Charters had a limit of yellowfin tuna for his crew on today’s trip and he’s already out releasing sharks on tonight’s trip.

Captain Paul Robertson of the Fishing For Muscular Dystrophy put these kids on a few yellowfin tuna today.

The first offshore trip of the year for the Ocean City Girl resulted in 12 yellowfin tuna for their anglers.

Captain Shannon Pickens, Joey Janda and Kyle Talerico had good flounder and sea bass fishing with a couple of bluefish right before they came across this 44″ cobia 5 miles south of the inlet that was enticed by a bucktail jig.

Veronica Cannuli was fishing with her dad Vince when she landed what we think is the first sheepshead in Ocean City this season.  The fish was a nice one too at a fat 23″.

Captain Chris Mizurak of the Angler reported that the weatherman was off by a few today, but he still managed some decent fishing for his folks.

Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star had some good fishing today….and some payback from “Hurricane”.

Felt more like autumn than early summer off there today. ENE breeze steady but not uncomfortable, air temperature stayed just below 70 until 1:30 or so. . 
Melani Jackson of Syracuse NY dropped 20 blocks and two pyramids on a reef I’m hoping to improve. Lat/Lon to all our artificial reefs are published in OC Reef Foundation’s annual chart book. These days there are more coordinates listed there than I had all together in the early 1990s.
We found today’s sea bass bite less robust than yesterday. Grandpa Bill Keefer proved it could be done though, that an angler could limit out on sea bass even with a tepid bite. Bill was boxed out 45 min before we left for home. Never one to miss an opportunity to show off, Grandpa then caught a decent flounder. A pistol today, I wonder what he was like when he took a “tropical vacation” (his words!) aboard one of Uncle Sam’s patrol boats on the Mekong River, Vietnam.
Though many tried there was only one other keeper fluke caught and a handful of throwbacks. Several more anglers did succeed in limiting out on sea bass just before the bell, however.
Scott Hanback from Crisfield MD pocketed the pool money. Plan on snow.. Scott’s been going with me a loooong time – first win. Other guys have won 4 or 5 times in a year. Shoot, a couple years back we had Bob win 4 times in a week!
A few limits in a NE wind. It’ll have to do.

Experienced the strangest ‘payback’ ever today. As is custom, I’ve given Hurricane Murray the hardest of hard times in these reports lately. It’s what we’ve done for such a long time, I couldn’t guess when it began. He likes it!
So I’m at the helm holding a course offshore this morning when Murray comes to the wheelhouse. I checked my wind gauge; if winds were going to let us have it, wouldn’t be long.
Strangely, Murray asks, “So when people donate to the reefs by buying (Benelli Reef) raffle tickets, you fill out their stubs and email them a pic, right?”
“Yeah, sure Murray. It’s a good raffle, give away some decent stuff every Sunday with a grand prize drawing New Years Day.”
“Well,” sez Murray, “you’re a busy guy. Isn’t it a pain when someone buys a lot of tickets?”
“Ahhh.. Sometimes it’s a bit much. Some nights I’m up at midnight filling em out.”
Hurricane Murray handed me a check & began to laugh. He laughed all the way down the ladder.
In my hand was a check for a thousand dollars worth of raffle tickets.
Now there’s a pain I could learn to enjoy. I’d still like to know what’s in Murray’s basement though. Man enjoys pain..
Will be filling out raffle tickets tonight. A couple days worth first, some catch up. Then a week’s worth – Murray’s 230 tix.. (Every hundred adds to your ‘per-hundred’ total..)
Feel free to ratchet up my workload even more – visit ocreefs.org on the ‘donate’ page, last item I believe.
Have rods, reels, tackle, even a ticket for my boat, plus two t-shirts every week for our Sunday drawings – those tickets go right back in for a seriously sweet pair of Benelli 12ga sporting guns New Years Day.
Don’t want a shotgun? Take the cash!
Builds Reef!
Got a start on Murray’s offshore today. Hope I’m done by midnight..

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