Whole Bunch of Dolphin and Some Tunas

By Scott Lenox

Whole Bunch of Dolphin and Some Tunas

We had another beautiful day in and around Ocean City with sunny skies and warm temperatures and anglers were out in force to take advantage of it both inshore and off.  The party boat fleet had a great day of bottom fishing and the offshore fleet was all over the dolphin and even caught a couple of tuna as well.

The Boss Hogg out of Sunset Marina had a great day today with a whole bunch of dolphin and a tuna for good measure.  Fall is the time of year to put some meat in the freezer if you’re a fan of dolphin and there is always the chance of a bonus tuna.

Captain Chris Watkowski and crew had a reely good day offshore as well.  Captain Chris put his anglers on a white marlin release and a nice, big pile of dolphin.

Not to be outdone on the dolphin fishing, Captain Joe Drosey of Rhonda’s Osprey put a mess of them on the dock at Sunset Marina this afternoon.

Captain Chris Little of Talkin’ Trash was on the dolphin today too, but he and his crew also stood some tunas up on their nose at the Ocean City Fishing Center.

Just down the dock from Talkin’ Trash, Captain Jeremy Blunt and the crew of Wrecker filled a couple of fish carts with dolphin themselves.

Captain Monty Hawkins and the crew of the Morning Star were out on a beautiful ocean today and had a fine day of bottom fishing.

Hi Scott, 
NE wind forecasts always set me on edge. Bumped up a bit last night & lowered again this am, I didn’t know what to expect. Turned out to be just as pleasant a day on the water as you could ever hope. 
Sea bass, apparently, thought it a great day to fatten up for fall – Boy were they chewing. Even nicked a few fluke. Thought that unlikely; a couple more days off yet as the bottom settles post-Dorian. 
Mike Bell of East Petersburg PA (blk t-shirt) did what he does — bagged out on sea bass 1st and won the pool with his flounder. In pic w/keeper double; he could have taken the pool with his largest sea bass too. 
Tammy Moore from Hickory NC had a nice 15.75 fl trigger. 
Tyler Pacak of Springfield VA (orange) also had a nice trigger. 
In the group snap are Mickey Farr & Greg Hellman of Phoenix MD – Stacy Moore from Hickory NC – Tom Gruver Of Annapolis MD – Jim Bordick from Fredericksburg VA
– Kenny Posey of Mineral VA – plus Joe & Janis Fis of Liberty NY.

The Ocean Princess with Captain Victor Bunting at the helm had another nice day of fishing with loads of sea bass coming over the rail and some anglers lucked into some nice triggerfish as well.

Bobby Thomas enjoyed a day off from the Judith M with Josh Mullen and Melanie White when the trio caught some nice bluefish while fishing the route 50 bridge on the incoming tide.

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