You’d Think it was Summer

You’d Think it was Summer

By Scott Lenox

Scott Lenox
Scott is the owner of Fish in OC and host of Ocean City's fishing television show Hooked on OC. He has worked in the fishing industry and fished the waters in and around Ocean City for over 25 years.

It was another absolutely beautiful day in Ocean City today with light winds, sunny skies and very warm temperatures.  If I didn’t know what the date was (which I sometimes don’t) and I had to guess based on the weather and the fishing report, I would have guessed sometime in July.  It was close to 80 degrees over on the beach in Ocean City and inland it was warmer than 80 degrees.  There were also boats fishing offshore catching tuna…..this is awesome!

The Marli with Captain Mark Hoos fresh back from their season over in Solomon’s Island fishing for Chesapeake Bay rockfish had a great day in the Norfolk Canyon today.  Captain Mark and mate Mark Stephens put their anglers on seven yellowfin tuna and eight nice mahi.  It’s May 17 folks!


Captain Jeff Coats of Pitboss Fishing got a call from Big Bird Cropper saying, “10 in the box, where are you?” and that’s all it took to fire up the boat and head out to the spot.  Captain Jeff threw Roy Rigs at the route 50 bridge and on his second cast the action started.  Jeff fished solo and finished the day with 12 good fighting bluefish between 28″ – 32″ and some schoolie rockfish.  I know its short notice, but if you’d like to get in on some of this action Captain Jeff has room for a couple of anglers tomorrow.  Give him a shout by 9am if you’d like to get on board. Pitboss Fishing is under Inshore / Charter Boats.

IMG_9282 IMG_9286 IMG_9288

Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star emailed in his report this evening and it was short and sweet…..”Lots of sea bass my friend.”  And I’d add, some nice ones!


Captain Chris Mizurak of the party boat Angler was on the rip today and had a good day with the sea bass.  Captain Chris put his anglers on some nice fish and literally filled a cooler.

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I got a Facebook submission from my buddy Josh Twilley with some great shots of fish that he and his friends caught near Holland Island in the Chesapeake Bay.  Josh landed a beautiful red drum, Don Hall caught himself a really nice red also and Erin Hall added an 18″ black drum for the dinner table.

18555304_10210249140525129_424463249_n 18596623_10210249141765160_563361535_o 18578950_10210249400891638_1651606557_n

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