583 Pound Thresher and $64,000 Mako

583 Pound Thresher and $64,000 Mako

By Scott Lenox

Scott Lenox
Scott is the owner of Fish in OC and host of Ocean City's fishing television show Hooked on OC. He has worked in the fishing industry and fished the waters in and around Ocean City for over 25 years.

I had the pleasure of fishing on the C-Boys with Captain Luke Blume, mate Jon Henry, Lance Crampton and his crew of friends for the final day of the 21st Annual Mako Mania.  Captain Luke’s son Joshua Blume even tagged along and was able to catch his first ever blue shark.  We didn’t have any luck catching a fish that would do any damage on the leader board, but we did have some awesome action.  The crew ended up catching and releasing one sandbar shark, six blue sharks and two mako sharks and it should make for a great upcoming episode of Hooked on OC.

When I returned to the weigh-ins for the Mako Mania I was shocked at the change to the leaderboard that I saw.  Yesterday I told the crew of the Teaser that they were crazy to be thresher fishing on their last day of fishing because the 501 pound thresher that was leading the category was going to be real tough to beat.  Well the crew of the Teaser led by Captain Rich Daiker made me eat my words today when they hoisted a huge 583 pound thresher that jumped into the lead and held on for first place in the thresher category.  The crew of Teaser also won first and second place in the bluefish category so they had one heck of a Mako Mania!  Congratulations to the crew of Teaser on their tournament!  Thanks to Dave Messick of Hooked on OC for the shot!


Third place winner in the mako category was the first fish weighed in the tournament on Friday afternoon.  The crew of Jenny Poo with Captain Bobby Pastorius landed a 191.2 pound mako that held on to third place for the tournament.


The second place winner in the mako category was the Mako Me Crazy who’s 196.3 pound mako was weighed in on day two and held on for second place.


The first place fish in the mako category was also caught on day two and held on for the final day to take the big money.  Angler Shane Moore caught a 228 pound mako on his Moore Bills with Captain Rob Skillman and mate Brian Behe and will cash a check for more than $64,000!  Congratulations to Shane and the crew of Moore Bills.

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Away from the tournament bottom fishing on ocean structure was good for Captain Chris Mizurak and the crew of the Angler.  Captain Chris put his anglers on nice fishing today with tautog, sea bass and even flounder coming over the rail.

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The Ocean City Guide Service with Captain John Prather busted out the “redneck express” today having some great action in the back bays of Ocean City.  Captain John put his party on some bluefish and flounder in fishing mode and then put them on some great southern and cow nosed ray shooting while in bowfishing mode.


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