A Bunch of Nice Bigeye Tuna

By Scott Lenox

A Bunch of Nice Bigeye Tuna

Father’s Day is just two days out….check out what’s good for Dad at the Ocean City Fishing Center.

Absolutely beautiful day today!!  Sunny skies, warm temps, light winds and chomping fish!  Flounder fishing is picking up a little in the back bays, sea bass fishing was stellar again today and the offshore fleet mugged the tunas up again.  Several boats were finished and back to the dock before lunch and there were a bunch of nice bigeye tuna brought back.

I had a feeling it was going to be a good day for the fishing report when I got a text from Captain Andrew Dotterweich of the Fish On saying that they would be back to the dock just before noon with 6 bigeye tuna and two yellowfin.  The crew trolled the Poorman’s Canyon and filled the box with fish up to 136 pounds.

Captain Chris Little and the crew of the Talkin’ Trash found the tunas, and found them quick today!  Captain Chris filled the fish box with yellowfin by 8 AM and was on the way back to the dock.

Captain Joe Drosey and the crew of Rhonda’s Osprey had a great day in the canyon today as well when they released an estimated 350 pound blue marlin and put 9 nice tunas in the fish box.

Captain Chris Watkowski and mate Ayrton Pryor put their crew on this stud bigeye that weighed 167 pounds at the Ocean City Fishing Center.

Captain Mike Burt and mate David Burt of the Pumpin’ Hard had a good day with the tunas putting their crew on four nice fish.

Captain Dan Stauffer of the Fin Chaser out of the Talbot Street pier put this couple on their limit of yellowfin tuna and was done by 9:30 AM.

Captain Brian Trumbull of the private boat Reelaxing had a great day trolling the canyons with Chuck McGowan, David Trumbull and Craig Fausnaugh.  The crew released 5 bluefin tuna and boxed 2 yellowfin and two very nice bigeye.

Captain Chris Mizurak of the Angler said it was my kind of day today.  My kind of day is flat calm seas and lots of sea bass so I’ll have to agree.

Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star enjoyed his day just as much as anyone on the ocean today and put his anglers on some great fishing.

Though it began with two snakes in the block pile, what a glorious day it became. Could see it plain as we cleared the inlet—then made even better with a fine sea bass bite.
Heading out we dropped 16 blocks and a pyramid on Capt. Bob Gowar’s Memorial Reef. Kept going.
John Roe was first to limit today. Tom Jigmaster was hot on his heals. In all 2/3rds of today’s clients would have their 15 in the cooler.
One fellow who didn’t was “Alfred*” (name changed to protect the innocent!) An old friend; I was messing this morning when I had mate Vic bring Alfred a tightly wrapped skunk flag. He, of course, had no idea—his buddies got a kick out of when he unfurled it in the cabin.
Well.. Dogone it. Guess I sent some bad JuJu!
In the end though even Alfred limited out – his buddies helping out like they did. 
Some nice fishing. James Hardy of Fredrick MD won the pool. Gary Kassimir & Evan Schwartz of Reisterstown MD show off second place and a fine double. Joe Fleischman from Hagerstown MD, Wayne Lee of Frederick & Admiral Floyd Brown of Hopefield show off some dandies as do Tom Jigmaster & Zig.
Then there’s young Luke trying out on deck holding his first keeper sea bass. I hope to convince him going to MIT (the engineering school) offers a far better path than being MIT (mate I’m training.) We shall see.
Captain John Prather of Ocean City Guide Service had two successful trips drifting the bay today.  This morning it was three keeper flounder and this afternoon it was three more.  This afternoon Klint Miller hooked into a beauty that weighed 3.9 pounds.
Captain Drew Zerbe of the Tortuga put Jack Paulina from Pittsburgh, PA on a pool winning 19 1/2″, 2 pound 12 ounce flounder that mate Serge Garder swooped up with the net.  Captain Drew then caught a nice keeper himself while fishing out of the wheelhouse.
Captain Marc Spagnola of Dusk to Dawn Bowfishing put his shooters on good action for gar, snakehead and catfish last night and then turned around and put another crew on some southern rays today.
Taylor and Dave Borrell used white Gulp to capture these four keeper flounder from 17″ to 19 1/2″.
Jamie Rudy was fishing with Marc Bouchard when he landed this 18″ keeper flounder on a 5″ white Gulp in the Thorofare.

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