A Few More Tunas Here and There

By Scott Lenox

A Few More Tunas Here and There

Hit the vid for the Daily Catch at Sunset Marina!

We had a decent day weatherwise with sunny skies and warm temps…..the problem was the wind.  A stiff breeze made the bay pretty choppy in spots and the ocean had few boats venture out thanks to the seas.  Doesn’t look great for the next couple of days either so hopefully things shape up for next week’s 4th of July Holiday.

The crew of the Pumpin’ Hard with Captain Mike Burt and crew had a nice day offshore today albeit a little rough.  The crew through a decent catch of yellowfin tuna on the dock at Sunset Marina.

Captain Chris Watkowski and his crew on the Spring Mix II had a good day yesterday with some mahi and a very nice 138 pound bigeye tuna.

The Reel Current with Captain William Garmany and mates Josh Lowery and Rance is back in the slip at the Ocean City Fishing Center for the season after a successful winter away.  Reel Current finished in first place in the Keli Wagner Lady Angler Tournament in NC a few weeks back winning over $125,000 in prize money.

Captain Kane Bounds of the Fish Bound has had some good and ok days over the past few weeks.  Cooling water temps have had the flounder bite slacked off and sea bass fishing has been ok.  Fish Bound has still put together some solid catches with 40 flounder on their last trip.

Captain Dave Caffrey of On the Run Charters found a couple of keeper flounder in the OC Inlet this morning along with some throwback rockfish and tautog action.

Kevin Graybill used a Roy Rig at the route 50 bridge this afternoon to land his limit of bluefish.

Regina Rantz was fishing with Gary Rantz using a Deadly Tackle Deadly Double in chartreuse when she landed her first keeper flounder of the season at 21″ near Harbor Island.

Luke Wrye caught this slot keeper rockfish on a Stretch lure at the route 50 bridge this afternoon.

Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star hit the ocean for a little while before turning for the barn thanks to building seas.

The marina parking lot was empty this morning.
Empty save my clients.
Almost July? Not a good sign. Inshore weather sure didn’t look like all that, but the offshore forecast must’ve looked some awful for none of the boys to even give it a whirl.
Sun already up when we tied her loose; overcast skies and a confused chop greeted us as we cleared the inlet. That is; though offering no height, short period seas from three directions made for unpleasant conditions.
Saturday crowds are often those that really, really want to go though – are least particular about sea conditions.
Beaten like agates in a rock tumbler, (see 13 sec vid) we arrived at today’s block drop where Warren launched 24 blocks by the stern rail at St Ann’s Reef. That pushed it across the 3,000 mark.. Now 3017 blocks there plus 17 pyramids and hundreds of 8ft concrete fence planks from way back. (Boy do I wish I could’ve taken all the planks that were available!) The east side of St Ann’s Reef was once almost completely sanded in. The block project’s been a fantastic success there.
We’ve begun recording a secci disc depth every trip. Though today’s was further offshore than most, we’ve had several readings there of 2.5 fathoms. Today’s visibility was nearly twice as good as any previous reading at 4.5 fathoms.
Still wasn’t blue water – nice clean green though. What we want in a restored ocean is for 4.5 fathoms to be below average.
A drift at first, then we anchored again and again. Found it hard to keep the bite going. Did seem like the best of it, including Ron’s pool winner, was midwater on a jig – just never hot for more than a few drops.
As mentioned, the inshore forecast seemed fine. Winds were supposed to be in decline as the day wore on.
When instead wind speed and sea height increased in late morning? That gave me pause..
Forty four years – have learned to listen to my gut. I came in two hours early with a $50 credit on their next trip.
Now, y’all know how Hurricane Murray came to fame by bringing gale winds whenever he comes to town. Not at all true, but we have a lot of fun with it.
It’s a fact: if you fish a lot? You’ll get blown out a lot.
Especially this year!
Now I’ve even cancelled Sunday & Monday..
Good Night!! More blow days than December!
Nothing to do but press ahead as best we’re able..
Cheers All,

Had some fun with the ocean flounder last week…..check it out!!

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