A Little Windy, But Had A Decent Bite

By Scott Lenox

A Little Windy, But Had A Decent Bite

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It was a little breezy this morning in front of a line of thunderstorms that moved through the area this evening, but all of that has cleared out nicely and left some pretty decent conditions.  The inshore weather looks pretty good for the weekend so I’m sure we’ll see plenty of anglers out enjoying the long weekend for the Memorial Day Holiday.

Rich Daiker was fishing the south jetty this afternoon when he landed this very nice 34.5″ rockfish.  Rich was chucking Roy Rigs after the thunderboomers when he lucked into the big rock.

Shaun Flaherty was at it again this afternoon paddling his kayak over to Assateague Island to chuck some Roy Rigs.  He was rewarded with another weakfish (grey trout) that measured in at 25″.

Cory Brown landed this big “chopper” sized bluefish while fishing the East Channel next to the route 50 bridge.

Captain Wayne Blanks of Bayside Guide Service had a nice morning for his anglers at the route 50 bridge catching and releasing a bunch of short rockfish up to 27″.

David Moore had a great evening on Assateague Island yesterday when he landed red drum of 44″ and 48″.

Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star called it early today thanks to the weather, but he was still able to do a little damage to the sea bass population.

Fair bit of southerly wind & foggy as the devil; not my favorite start to a day. Had called everyone the evening before with a weather warning. They all showed anyway. Andy & son Jack gave today’s reef blocks a hearty push – they added to a reef I’ve worked on since 2015. By and by we began fishing. Wind held off a while this morning; started building steadily around 10:30. Picking up to 17knts on the anemometer, I could hear cables starting to hum and whistle around the wheelhouse in gusts. With seas gaining height and white, the wind had my attention. Listening to NOAA’s old-time marine radio weather; (now a robot but those forecasts used to be read by humans. Heaven help you if your attention wandered when the coastal forecast “from Fenwick Island to Chincoteauge” came round. Seemed like another 15 minutes before it was given again. Dern sure no phone or computer to check the weather with back then) ..that old-fashioned  midday forecast held lots of “tornado warning” talk for Worcester County. Sure seemed like a good day to bag it early – threw in the towel, got in an hour early. Jimmy had high hook at 9; John G took the pool. Gave em a $30.00 credit against their next trip. Although seas were fair on the way in–calmer even, there was a nasty line of red inside the 12 mile ring on radar that I was dern glad to miss. Thunder rumbled down the marina basin as we approached the slip, a downpour with lightning as the last clients were getting in their cars.. Glad to give em a credit. Rarely question a bad feeling about weather anymore. Have had enough beatings in sudden weather changes. Rest of the weekend looks less adventurous. I could stand good visibility and calm seas a day. Cheers Monty

Check out our YouTube and the Back Deck Fishing Report for Memorial Day Weekend!

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