Always A Good Day When You Catch A Blue Marlin

By Scott Lenox

Always A Good Day When You Catch A Blue Marlin

Hit the vid for info on this weekend’s OC Tuna Tournament!

Had some more hot weather today.  A little breeze kept things within reason, but it was still a hot, humid day on the rip.

Captain Mike Burt and the crew of the Pumpin’ Hard had a good day in the canyons today with a blue marlin release and a nice bull mahi for the grill.

Keeghan O’Rourke had a great day offshore with his crew today putting a stud 101 pound yellowfin tuna on the scale at Bahia Marina.

Shawn Weddle reported in after a trip to Cape Charles, VA with his new Deadly Tackle gear.  Shawn used his Deadly Tackle casting rod and some Deadly Doubles to land some nice keeper flounder and a beautiful red drum on his trip.

The Judith M fishing out of Bahia Marina had some great sea bass fishing on their 12 hour trip.

Colton Wilson Pittsburgh

Jeremy Quinn Sykesville MD

James Jamison CoatsVille PA

Captain Monty Hawkins had a good day on the rip for his folks putting them on some nice sea bass.

Spent Monday recovering from a long stretch at the helm on our crew ‘fun trip’ to the deep for tiles. (My crew does indeed get to fish, but they work hard too!) I’d usually give a half watch to Vic on the ride in but it came a tight fog in dark of night. That’s time for captains to do captain stuff..
After a light fog blocking the view lifted this morning, we soon saw seas as calm as anyone could ever hope until just after lunch.
A deckhand with me 30+ years ago; Joe deployed 4 pyramids at Capt. Bob’s Reef. There was a charter boat targeting fluke there this morning too. Good sign of success. Hope he caught em. I’ll be sure to tag him when it comes time for our raffle/auction reef building fundraising.
Sea bass fishing favored hard workers today. Ms Holly was high hook with 9 fat bass, Joe may well have tied her in a shared cooler with pool winner Wilfredo. That’s good fishing for 24.
I’ll also note Hurricane Murray had the most throwbacks (is that a prize?) but barely more keepers then the fellow using a non-CIA approved top secret bait (earthworms!) who hooked but one keeper. (Both mates also hooked him a keeper while demonstrating OTHER baits..)
Two things about partyboat fishing and fishing in general:
Use something native or resembling native for bait. Offered on my rail today were clams and squid – jigs that look like sandeels or butterfish were also made available on spinning rods to all and used to good effect.
And B? When the mate tells you several times to stop using your top secret bait?
Yeah that.
Anyhow, like near everyone it seems, my boat is running light most days. Not catching limits? Yes, we’re catching though! Catching plenty for dinner – at least those who listen to the crew..
Looks like another weather day coming Friday. �Sakes..
Like Captain Orie Bunting used to say back in the early 1980s; sometimes there’s more beans & less meat in the pot..
Ain’t all bad. Tilefish will work too!
This young lady took everyone’s fish pool money on board the Angler with Captain Chris Mizurak.
Captain Marc Spagnola of Dusk to Dawn Bowfishing has been busy both day and night putting his shooters on some awesome fishing.

Check out our epic day 2 from Nantucket Shoals…..Subscribe!!

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