Back To The Fishing Report!

By Scott Lenox

Back To The Fishing Report!

Man it has been a while since our last fishing report.  Too long in fact.  My last fishing report was over a month ago and though there’s been a little fishing going on it just hasn’t justified a full report until now.  There has been some good white perch fishing on the local rivers and creeks, there was a really good yellow perch bite at the end of February and there have been some stripers caught at the route 90 bridge, but with this week’s weather break there have been more folks on the water and things are definitely picking up.

Brian Roberts was up at route 90 last night where fishing wasn’t great, but he did manage a slot keeper.

Captain Steve’s Bait and Tackle reported out that the first flounder of the Chincoteague, VA season was caught the other day by Captain Tim, and there have been a few more VA fish caught over the past few days.  That means the first flounder of the Ocean City season should be caught in the next couple of weeks if the weather cooperates.

Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star has gotten out the past two days and has enjoyed some flat calm conditions.

Wed 3/13

Posted pre-sunrise snaps this am – So Calm..  George dropped a 24 block unit before heading back off a bit more. Day sure started OK. Given all the pressure these fish have had? I was pleased to see new(ish) habitat colonized and fish biting somewhat. Even I got bit ..but didn’t hook up. And then? What tog do best. Frustrated the heck out of me rest of the day.. Did nick a few more. Ahh! When time to go home? Of course they bit again! Finally the ocean would have no more of it. Pushed me off the reef even with a 160 degree stem to stern straddle anchor set.. Big Bill took the (teeny tiny) pool with a not at all teeny tiny tog. Almost a fully qualified Jay Leno look-alike really.. Spent the day barely in cell range and good thing. Borrowing property involves lawyers and signatures these days. Still free though, save a minor expense of insurance. Also had Scott pick up fresh (ah, well, scrap; but fresh to us!) cable from First State Crane in Felton DE. Thank You Max, Scott and Rusty! We’re also upgrading our telehandlers – more lifting capacity – thanks to Chess and Will at Iron Source in Georgetown. Sweet.. One of our pipe units, not especially huge, tripped the overweight alarm. I have grand plans! Good to have more muscle! We have at least  4 loads of concrete pipe coming Saturday. Some from our old friends at Concrete Pipe & Precast in Jessup, MD and two loads too from Bob at Rinker Materials in Middletown, DE.We also have cable & precast concrete coming from Robby on Saturday. Pretty reef units we’re building! I’m confident all our reef life will thrive on them. Somewhere out here we’re going to build “___’s Tog Town” soon. Naming that reef may be in the bag though.. We’ll see. Cheers!Monty

Thurs 3/14

Such a calm sea. Sunrise glorious; scarcely any difference between riding down Rt 50 and out into the ocean. Sweet. Ahhh; but what price for such an unbelievably calm day? ..the bite! Dang sure I couldn’t do much with it. Easterly current almost all day. Caught more in an hour with four guys yesterday than with a sold out rail all day today. Oyyyy!!!Fishing! Sandra gave our blocks a push at Kathy’s Reef. Clients released dozens of shorts and a handful of keepers while only a few went home for dinner. No DD tog this day. George took the pool with an 18.5 in tog.. Mercy!Yesterday we saw a clear sign habitat improvement and regulation are going to win. We saw our efforts far beyond state & federal “MRIP-based  regulatory restoration” were working. Today? Today my clients suffered a clear sign fish & mother nature will still win some anyway! And tomorrow? Working in the reef yard. We’ll help make certain habitat, fish & fishermen win in the end. If you’d like to join us, we’d sure appreciate it! Be working Fri/Sat/Sun at least. Start at the crack of 9:30 – 12907 Harbor Rd in West OC. I’m guessing you cannot miss it. Cheers, Monty

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