Beautiful Eve of the 4th of July

By Scott Lenox

Beautiful Eve of the 4th of July

Hit the above vid for the Daily Catch at Sunset Marina!!

Man, it was beautiful today!!  And the traffic both on the water and off shows signs of a very, very busy weekend ahead.  Lots of action today so let’s get to it!

The crew of the private boat Fishbox with Steve Hadley, Eric Farrell, Stu Farrell, Phil Fields and Michael Rivera had a great day offshore releasing a blue marlin and boxing a stud yellowfin tuna *Michael’s first!

Captain Chris Watkowski and the crew of Spring Mix II had a decent day in the canyons today putting two yellowfin tuna and some mahi in the fish box.

These young anglers had a great time on board the Pumpin’ Hard with Captain Mike Burt today putting a couple of yellowfin tuna in the box.

Captain Willie Zimmerman and the crew of RoShamBo had a nice day offshore today with three yellowfin tuna and a white marlin release.

The crew of Boss Hogg with Captain Brian Porter had a nice day in the Baltimore Canyon with yellowfin tuna and some big mahi.

Max McGuire caught his first ever yellowfin tuna fishing in the Poorman’s Canyon with his dad Tim of Atlantic Moving on their private boat Reely Movin’.

Carson Gebhard was fishing with the private boat Fishizzle in the Poorman’s Canyon today when he landed his first ever yellowfin tuna.

Justin Staats and his crew on the LHF had some throwback flounder and ribbonfish action on flat calm seas today.

John Reaser, Walt Teigler, Jr. and Jason Sutton had a great day on the rip today fishing the African Queen and some other structure.  The guys had a legal cobia, some flounder and some sea bass for the win.

Captain Jason Mumford of Lucky Break Charters had another great day full of successful trips that had keeper flounder, a keeper rockfish and more stripers and tautog that were released.

Rick Boulay, Jr. and his son Weston had fun catching fish and making memories on the ocean off of Sea Isle City, NJ today.  Rick had Weston out for his first fishing excursion and he did great catching flounder on the Deadly Tackle Deadly Double.  Thanks Weston!

Anglers fishing on the Judith M out of Bahia Marina had a good day putting keeper sea bass in the boat on their fiver hour trip out of Bahia Marina.

Jack Harris of West OC caught these keeper flounder of 19.5″ and 22″ in the mouth of the Commercial Harbor on jigs with minnows.

Captain Chris Mizurak of the Angler showed his customers a good time putting them on flounder and sea bass on a flat calm ocean.

Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star will take weather like today as much as he can get it!

Another pretty day was made even more remarkable in 2024 because it was in a string of two – two whole days in a row we could fish!
Sakes. I suppose there are times when the office offers a refreshing view..
We slipped back out to Capt Bob’s Memorial Reef for today’s reef drop. Holly, Camryn and Jordan sent 24 blocks down in a pile. They’ll grow mussels first, then corals in time. Bobby’s now has 4,610 blocks & 108 pyramids plus 3 Iron Lady loads of precast concrete. It’s a great reef getting better.
For the program we have 41,799 blocks and 3004 pyramids on artificial reef sites off the coast.
Blocks away, we headed east a while more.
Working at it all day long in short flurries of cbass; we actually had two excellent anglers in double digits today.
Rare bird that. (Delicious too)
One of my highhook anglers was Bernie who took the pool.
We also came upon a seriously chill leatherback sea turtle. Usually they spook as we near them; not this dude. Some good pics and great viewing – the world’s largest turtle is also the most susceptible to balloons. �A small child crying or bunch of adults proud of releasing turtle chokers, balloons are blown offshore; loosing heliums they land in color but gradually that color leaves. In time a mylar ballon will make a perfect mimic of a large jellyfish..
Jellies are leatherbacks’ primary prey..
It just doesn’t end well.
We pick em up. A lot of boats do really.
Maybe it helps.
Also had a great look at yet another pair of fin whales (or perhaps it’s been the same few whales over and over? A mix most likely..)
Either way, when a whale surfaces for breath after breath before sounding again – it’s an awesome sight.
Every time.

This video is going bonKerS!!  HUGE flounder from the Nantucket Shoals…..check it and Subscribe!

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