Confessions of a Crabs to Go Addict

By Kristen Lenox

Confessions of a Crabs to Go Addict

I must confess Scott & I eat at Crabs To Go at least once per week & I’m pretty sure I have tried nearly everything on their menu at some point. Crabs To Go is the type of place where we have always received consistently great food quality. Have you ever been somewhere and had the best meal of your life followed by a return trip & it wasn’t very good? Well, you don’t have to worry about that here which is why it’s one of my favorite places. And consequently, the place I set all my seafood standards against.

Let me start with the crabs, because they are SO good. You can get crabs here nearly year round. I will again confess to you that I absolutely love the crabs when they come from the Choptank River here in Maryland. Maybe it’s because I grew up catching crabs & eating them from that river with my family, but I think they are the sweetest, best tasting crabs anywhere. Many times we get the large, but honestly the mediums are super delicious too.  And of course, don’t forget the ice cold beer, steaming corn on the cob & crispy hush puppies which is usually how we round it off.


More Old Bay, More Better!

Another confession I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit. I used to make homemade hot crab dip all the time with an old family recipe. Well, I don’t anymore. I get my crab dip from CTG, because seriously it’s that good. And let’s talk about options, because Scott & I can’t agree on how we “take our crab dip.” Okay, you can get the straight hot crab dip with the crackers. YUM! Or you can get it smothered & baked on this delicious pretzel that sort of looks like a french loaf bread. And lastly, my newest favorite that the owners added to the menu this summer after Scott aired a Hooked On OC episode proclaiming these crabby fries to be out of this world. Truthfully, I consider the HOC Crabby Fries to be delicious & a great value. You get a pile of hot crab dip on top of a ton of french fries then covered with cheese & they throw in ranch dressing if you really want to take it over the top. Forget counting calories & just enjoy the hot, yummy, cheesy, crabby goodness.


“Hooked On OC Crabby Fries”

Another favorite of mine are the fried oysters. I had no idea I even liked fried oysters until Scott brought home one of their fried oyster platters. They are crispy, yet light & melt in your mouth. The oysters & crab cakes are my favorite platters or sandwiches to give to my friends or family. Our family have become big fans of CTG over the years as well. Scott’s mom loves the shrimp salad & broiled seafood platter. My mom loves the fried soft crab sandwich & crab cake sandwich or platter. My dad loves the oysters, HOC crabby fries & their fresh fish selection… he especially enjoys the salmon. My son Ryan lives off their chicken tenders platter with either french fries, onion rings, hush puppies or corn. Scott loves everything, but lately he’s been eating the fresh clam strip platter, crabby pretzel, fried oysters & steamed shrimp.


Shrimp Salad Sandwich


Fresh Clam Strips & French Fries

We prefer to eat outside at CTG when the weather is nice. They have picnic tables with umbrellas, paper to line the tables if you order crabs & even some palm trees until the weather turns cold. They just set up corn hole by the picnic tables which is fabulous to keep the kids entertained while you eat. The owners are local & have become friends of ours over the years, but don’t get me wrong, that’s not the only reason we keep coming back. Their food is top notch, the quality is consistently good & we always get a great meal.


Crabs To Go is located at the corner of Rt. 50/Rt. 589 outside of Ocean Pines, MD. Check out their website at with their full menu & stop on in. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do! Tell ‘em Kristen at Fish In OC sent you & you want the yummy, crispy, steamy deliciousness that I described. They will give it to you. Enjoy!


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