Day 1 at The 2021 Huk Big Fish Classic

By Scott Lenox

Day 1 at The 2021 Huk Big Fish Classic

Click the vid for the Daily Catch at Sunset Marina.

Just got back from day 1 at the 8th Annual Huk Big Fish Classic and it was actually a pretty good night.  With 97 boats fishing the first window we didn’t know what to expect at the scales, but the new Daily added entry level definitely got a few boats back to try and capture the biggest fish of the day prize worth over $10,000.  We saw some yellowfin tuna, a white marlin and a few swordfish that are right now in the top spots of the Big Fish category.  Thanks to Big Fish Classic for the pics.

3rd Place Big Fish.    Cinde Anne.   White Marlin.    63 Pounds

2nd Place Big Fish.    Longshot.    Swordfish.    159 Pounds

1st Place Big Fish.     Restless Lady II.    Swordfish.    184 Pounds

Away from the tournament Captain Chris Watkowksi of the Spring Mix II had a great day of fishing with three keeper yellowfin tuna and a very nice 112 pound bigeye tuna.

Just down the dock at the Ocean City Fishing Center Captain Ron Callis of the Turnin’ Fins had a nice day on the ocean with six nice yellowfin for his anglers.

Ocean bottom fishing was good today and seas were very nice for the fleet.  Captain Chris Mizurak of the Angler had a great day with s0me sea bass and plenty of keeper flounder.

Anglers on board the Ocean Princess had a good day with some triggerfish and one very nice flounder for a Jr. angler.

Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star had a nice bite for his anglers today.

After yesterday’s north wind and today’s lighter but same, I can’t help but think fall approaches. 

Dogone sea bass acted like it too. 

Nice bite. 

After Annie Grybos of Towson & Terri Brown of Baltimore pushed twenty heavy blocks over we continued eastward.

Mike Grybos was first to bag out. Half of the boat would follow suite. 

In late July. 

That’s really something. 

Flounder George grew weary of small fluke and decided to take the ‘sea bass only’ fish pool. Limited too.

Nice to have talent on the rail. Lots of it. Not a terribly high bar, but if you’ve never worked the rail on a partyboat in high summer you wouldn’t likely understand. Just having good anglers nearby and mates who aren’t in the weeds helps the newbies immensely. A couple drops in a decent bite – instant Old Salt. 

Another pretty day tomorrow. Will see what we can do with that. 



Back in the bay, Captain Wayne Blanks of Bayside Guide Service had a nice catch of bluefish for his anglers.

Big Bird Cropper and Shawn Flaherty had two keeper rockfish of 29″ and 33″ while “dredging” the route 50 bridge.

John Hanna III found this 24 1/2” flounder by the airport in the South Bay using the Fish in OC Deadly Double in chartreuse.

John Wooldridge, Grayson Wooldridge, Marshall Forrester and Logan Forrester had a great time trolling up some Spanish mackerel in the ocean yesterday evening.

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