Flounder, Sheepshead, Sea Bass and Triggers

By Scott Lenox

Flounder, Sheepshead, Sea Bass and Triggers

Today started off cool and crisp and the ocean had a little settling down to do, but by this afternoon it was sunny and warm and the ocean was a pleasant place to be bending a rod on some flounder, triggerfish and black sea bass.

The party boat fleet was able to get back on the water today thanks to Maryland’s black sea bass season opening back up.  Fishing was good for those that went even though getting to the spot this morning may have been a little rough.  Captain Chris Mizurak of the Angler reported some nice bass on today’s trip and was glad to be getting back out there.

Back bay fishing for flounder has been on fire the past few days with some nice fish being caught in the East Channel.  Captain Jason Mumford of Lucky Break found six more keeper flounder today on bunker and Gulp.

Captain John Prather of Ocean City Guide Service got in on the action as well putting his anglers on five nice keeper flounder.

Captain Mike Burt of the Pumpin’ Hard got out to the canyon today and was able to put his anglers on nine yellowfin tuna and a blackfin tuna.

Captain Chase Eberle of Chasin’ Tides has been taking advantage of the good inshore and offshore fishing by putting flounder and sheepshead in the cooler along with swordfish and tunas from the canyons.

Captain Joe Schweiger, Tom Schweiger and Dillon Schweiger headed out again today and thankfully didn’t have to deal with 8 footers today while they mugged up some sea bass 20 miles off the beach.

Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star was glad to get back on the ocean today and he treated his clients to sea bass and triggerfish.

A funny (finny?) thing happened today. Although the weatherman was all over the place, it looked like we could make it work. Grabbed up just enough regulars on short notice to make fuel and snuck out. (Doesn’t help much with bills, but these light rail trips almost always a fun time!)
Tracy, Mark & Hurricane (who makes up for muscular force with pure Newtonian physics – jocular or not, rotundity in motion equals blocks overboard!) ..this dynamic trio made our very first block drop at Uncle Murphy’s Reef, the landing craft we sank 9 miles off just last Thursday–part of a double header – two reefs in one day. While the landing craft would fine by itself because it’s loaded with compartments where water can flow through; it will–I’ll assure anyone–become a tog mecca. By dropping a few hundred blocks and pyramids in the void where mechanized armor and troops would have been brought ashore, we’ll have have elevated the reef’s complexity further still. When building reef on a loooow budget – it’s important to make the best of each piece where able.
Ahh! Blocks away and maybe a hit in somewhat saucy conditions, I’d begun to venture further off when I found cause to question several of the forecasts I’d seen.
Have wanted to sample the area anyway to add background to a research proposal I’m writing; I set up on a nearby piece to wait out the weather – to see if winds would really decrease as foretold..
Then Tracy began to give a clinic on catching nice keeper cbass in easy sight of Ocean City. Hurricane, usually a first rate gentleman (so long as the ladies don’t try to swipe his apple pie!) today the forever feasting master of drop and reel angling was unable to find the least bit of chivalry; just couldn’t let Tracy limit first.
Dang It Hurricane!
Pretty cbass with everyone but me in double digits, a good mix of triggers like I haven’t seen all year & too many small blues. We had an enjoyable and quite productive day.
(and with my luck on em, will NOT see another trigger in 2023!)
After we got in I realized it had been the best sea bass fishing I’d had at the Bass Grounds since I was a young deckhand on Capt. Orlando Bunting’s partyboat in 1980.
That’s progress..
It’s going to get a lot better too.
Opened up through Thursday via email (Fish Report 10/8/23) need to send another because, forecast favorable at this time, now Friday and Saturday are also open.. Anna can take reservations after 8am tomorrow if interested.

Hit the vid to see what you can expect party boat fishing this fall….and subscribe!!

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