Fun For All Ages

By Scott Lenox

Fun For All Ages

One of my favorite things about fishing is the fact that most people can fish for their entire lifetime.  Many of us have been fishing longer than we can remember, and many of us hope to fish after many other things in our lives have been forgotten.  Fishing is one of a few recreational activities that is accessible and achievable for folks from 4 to 84, and everyone in between.

I got two great reports today from friends that were playing host to people from both ends of the age spectrum.  The first report comes from my buddy John Woolridge who reported a couple of trips in the past week with some decent fishing for rockfish around the route 90 bridges.

Had a pretty good week fishing last week.  This was a solo trip on Tuesday with my dog Fin.  Water temperature was 53 degrees.  This fish was 18″ and was caught and released.


This was Wednesday with 54 degree water.  23″ fish caught and released.  My son Grayson (5) was showing his buddy Marshall how he does it.  We also hooked two more for Marshall, but I could not keep them on the end of the line before handing the rod off.


This was Saturday with my offshore fishing partner Rob Burton from Middletown, DE.  Water was 55 degrees.  First fish was 22″ and was caught and released by the route 90 bridge and the 24″ fish was caught and released in open water around the marshes across the river.  We also caught and released two in the 14″-15″ size while trolling plugs around the bridge.

image4 image3

The second report came in from my buddy Jeff Coats of Pit Boss Waterfowl who had a great day fishing the route 90 bridge today with his mom Barbara….who is 81!!  Jeff and “Gam” caught and released “28ish” small rockfish on the world famous “Roy Rig” and had a lot of fun!  The largest fish was about 22″….. it was a great day to get “Gam” out on the water.

IMG_5243 IMG_5229 IMG_5240

As you can see, when the fishing is good, it can be great fun for the young…..and the young at heart.

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