Golden Tile, Black Sea Bass and Yellowfin Tuna

By Scott Lenox

Golden Tile, Black Sea Bass and Yellowfin Tuna

Check the vid for the Daily Catch at Sunset Marina with Captain Mark Hoos!

Happy summer everybody!  It’s oFISHally summer now that the summer solstice has gotten here.  Today we had the longest day and shortest night of the entire year and if the the weather could be like today was everyday I’d want it to last all year.  It was absolutely gorgeous today with sunny skies, light winds and very comfortable temperatures.  It was a great day to be on the water!

The tuna bite has picked up nicely over the past couple of days with a little better class of fish ending up in fish boxes around town.  Today Captain Chris Watkowksi and mate Jacob Bialk of the Spring Mix II had a great day with nine yellowfin tuna and a bonus mahi.

Captain Joe Drosey and the crew of Rhonda’s Osprey had a great day in the canyon today as well putting nine yellowfin in the box.

Captain Chris Little of Talkin’ Trash had a good day of trolling the canyons with eight yellowfin tuna for his crew. Photo by OC Fishing Center

Captain Willie Zimmerman of the RoShamBo put his anglers on the yellowfin tuna today too with eight fish for the fish cleaners.  Photo by OC Fishing Center

Captain Mike Burt of the Pumpin’ Hard found the yellowfin today and put 5 and a mahi in the box for his clients.

The water cleaned up very nicely on the incoming tide this afternoon and Captain Wayne Blanks and his crew were at the route 50 bridge to take advantage of it.  The crew had this 29″ keeper rockfish and several more throwbacks.

Michael Marisa fished the south jetty with Gulp and minnows at the end of the outgoing tide and landed his limit of four keeper flounder.

Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star….”took the day off” today and put some meat on the deck!

Day began ordinarily enough, even if we did tie her loose a bit later than normal. Light rail too. Five regulars was all I had & all I wanted yesterday. 

Yup. That’s when we left–the 20th.


I enjoy going off in the deep. Working vacation? Busman’s holiday? 

Just, “gone fishing,” works.

A crew trip. Crew and I fished with precious few clients. No reef raffle, no fish pool. 

You could call it a ‘not for profit’ trip. 

Shoot, I haven’t had a chance to catch sea bass this season. Not to speak of, anyway. With only 8 aboard, however, even I got to do a little fishing this trip. Not a heck of a lot though. Seemed like there was always captain stuff to tend to. 

As usual I about goose egged on tuna. Put a yellowfin in the boat just as we were making our last stop for tiles on day two. Had a couple spreader bars out while moving to a different drift – bam!

Rich had drawn the lucky blue ticket. He enjoyed the catching but we all got a piece. 

Our first drop of the trip began with a distant piece of sea bass bottom. Lightly fished, here there are usually old-school jumbos. 


Nice start. 

Then a loooong paddle to a deeper hole. Tiles are more my way of thinking, not tuna. They’re on the bottom. 

Even if it’s 1,000 feet down. 

Or more. 

Bob and Mr Meadows caught some nice ones. Bernie, as ever, was first or second hook-up every drift–nice ones too. Everyone had a respectable fish or two (or three.) Mate Brian, however, caught the boss of bosses just before sunset. 

Nice tile. As my crews have often done over the years, the boys cleaned em before thinking about weights. 

Brian’s carcass weighed 25.25 lbs, was 37 inches. 

I was glad just to bend a rod. 

This is a crew trip I do once a year. You could call it a “fun trip” but they’re always a lot of work. 


A good night’s rest and back to everyone else’s fishing as soon as this mini-blow clears out. 



Captain Marc Spagnola of Dusk to Dawn Bowfishing had some beautiful weather and some great shooting in the South Bay.

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