Good Action Today

By Scott Lenox

Good Action Today

Hit the vid for the Daily Catch at Sunset Marina!!

We could certainly use a little rain now, but man have we had some gorgeous weather!  We had more of it today and some more good fishing with bent rods and smiling faces.

Congratulations to the crew of Boss Hogg for catching and releasing the first blue marlin for the Ocean City Marlin Club.  Boss Hogg will receive $2,500 for the first blue.

This group had an awesome day of trolling with Captain Chris Watkowski of the Spring Mix II.  They were able to box five yellowfin tuna for the fish cleaners at the Ocean City Fishing Center.

Captain Chris Mizurak of the Angler reported a steady bite today with good action for sea bass with a couple of flounder mixed in.  Had to weed through the shorts, but it was well worth it.

Anglers fishing on Lucky Break Charters with Captain Jason Mumford had fun today putting a nice 20″ speckled trout in the boat and a keeper flounder this afternoon.

These folks fished with Captain Dave Caffrey of On the Run Charters and had some luck with flounder, sea bass, Spanish mackerel and bonita.

Captain Chase Eberle of Chasin’ Tides Charters has been doing well inshore and off the beach with striped bass from the OC Inlet and bonita, ribbon fish and Spanish mackerel from the ocean lumps.

Bryan Mindte of Sunset Provisions and his bro-in-law Gary Finch had some fun “dredging” at the route 50 bridge where they caught some very nice striped bass.

Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star had a great day on the rip today with good fishing and some sightseeing.

Clearing the inlet this morning we found small southerly swells from yesterday’s wind. Otherwise?
Gorgeous. (posting lots of marine mammals seperately today..)
Wind didn’t seem to mind Hurricane Murray being aboard – instead of a gale we had a light summer southerly all day.
Dern sure the fish did though!
In the early AM hours, sea bass were the very devil to get biting. Stacks of em on my screens – thick! – yet scarcely a bite. As the day progressed we developed a bite all around the rail save one spot.
Was OK though. Hurricane expects these moments..
James and his daughter, Kate, were on the bow giving a symposium on jigging sea bass – I mean really getting it done. I came ahead on my anchor nearly 3x the length of my boat and, still, Hurricane (only 20 some feet away) couldn’t get a sniff.
Hurricane threw in the towel and began flounder fishing – now daughter Kate, without a shred of malice, calls “net!” for a nice flounder..
Hurricane, of course, did not.
I don’t make this stuff up. When our very own portly prince of jocularity & bringer of 6lbs of sugar in the form of baked goods finds his luck having a turn for the worse? It almost always stays in the skunk zone until 1pm.
Today too? Yup, that’s when he caught his first keeper..
Meanwhile, James and Kate will be inviting extended family for a fish fry…
What can you do. It’s fishing.
Aside the Hurricane’s spate of bad luck we saw more signs of ocean health today – fabulous.
We had more red hake than I’ve seen in a decade or more. That’s not to say it was an old time ling fling; twas nice to have a few around the rail though.
And, after a period of just a rare saddleback dolphin sighting and no whales? Today we found them in force. Half a dozen times we had saddlebacks flying toward us to ride the bow wake; a pod of spotted dolphin also. Several times too we had 5 or more whales spouting in the distance. All those we came near enough to ID were fin whales. Mate Vic, however, saw a full breach in the distance – a whale leaping 3/4s out of the water is unmistakable. As I’ve never seen or heard of a fin whale breaching – it was almost certainly a humpback.
One of the fin whales we saw up close was a true giant. When my 55ft partyboat feels small? That’s a big whale – likely 75ft or a tad more I thought. What an awesome beast..
James, now fishing with me 30+ years, could not recall a time when all were envious of his luck – sure were today. Took the pool too.
Tomorrow we try again..

Had a great time on the Bay Bee with some of Worcester Prep Class of 2025!  Put some flounder in the box too!  Check it!

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