Happy Thanksgiving!!

By Scott Lenox

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hit the video for some great rockfish catching gear from Atlantic Tackle

It was pretty chilly today, and the wind was blowing a little harder than expected in the ocean, but it was still a good day to get out on the bay and enjoy some fishing.  I had a chance to do some rock fishing with my good buddy David Wells this afternoon and the action wasn’t red hot, but we did have some bent rods and some great conversation.  Saw Big Bird Cropper and Shawn Flaherty out fishing and several other folks that were catching some tog….it’s always nice when you can spend a few hours fishing this time of year.

Owen West and the West crew did some tautog fishing today and had some luck.  The guys put the first tautog of what I’m sure will be many in their new boat while fishing the south jetty.

Captain Monty Hawkins didn’t get to drop any lines in today, but he did get to drop some more structure for the Ocean City Reef Foundation.

Sea Bass in a three-quarter gale?Not.. But boy, sure looked like the day had come our favor. Left 2 hours late to allow forecasted calming to come true.  Mike & Jesse Mac plus Daniel T & local, Steve M dropped forty blocks at Al Berger’s Reef about 8 miles off. We kept paddling. Looked plenty OK.Then I heard a whistle. The exact sort of low warbling moan to lifted pitch I seriously dislike – hear it when gusts begin whistling in the riggin around the wheelhouse. Ocean went from lollie-sweet to quite boisterous and ill tempered in a half hour or so. Even saw seas pushing 8 to 10 feet – quick. Given our success inshore on sea bass a week ago during the Nancy Arnold Memorial Reef pyramid trip, I anchored about halfway to where I’d been headed this morning, just marking time to see if the wind would fall out as forecast & let my folks get a line wet while we waited.. Yeah naaw, mate. Anemometer kept climbing. Though clients caught a handful of cbass, and Steve even won the pool; when the wind gauge came near-about 25 I threw in the towel and struck a course for home — no charge, hope to see them all on a prettier day. Going to get our Thanksgiving block trip in tomorrow though – wind is coming west. Have some volunteers lined up to load 7.5 tons of x-large (but ultra light – made with helium & styro-crete, don’t you know) cement reef blocks starting at 8 Thanksgiving morning.(Indications of weight may be somewhat exaggerated)  Shouldn’t take long. This much is true—Many hands make the work light. We’ll have built a bit of reef for following generations and get everyone home for lunch I think (which they have to skip to save room for dinner!) Y’all have a nice Thanksgiving.. Cheers Monty

I’ve had a few texts and calls today about our Fist Fight Oyster Stuffing recipe so I thought I’d share it here again in case anyone wants to get the ingredients and make it last minute.  If you do….get the gloves out.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!

Fist Fight Oyster Stuffing

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