Holy Mackerel!

Holy Mackerel!

By Scott Lenox

Scott Lenox
Scott is the owner of Fish in OC and host of Ocean City's fishing television show Hooked on OC. He has worked in the fishing industry and fished the waters in and around Ocean City for over 25 years.

Today started with a little rain, but it turned into another beautiful late winter day.  By about 10:30 the rain had cleared, the sun started to shine, temperatures got into the 60s and the wind was light….another perfect day to take advantage of some early season fishing.

Back in the day the local party boat fleet would have a run of Boston mackerel in the early spring that you could set your calendar by.  I’ve heard tale of anglers dropping tube rigs and bucktails and coming up with a fish on every hook in no time flat and filling 50 gallon trash bins with them.  The run hasn’t been like that for some time and nowadays not many anglers fish for them in the early season…..maybe that’s something that could change.

I got a surprising, yet exciting text from Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star with some great shots of the action his anglers were having with the mackerel today.  Pictured below are Courtney Riffe of Easton and Gary Ump with some nice strings of Bostons.  Captain Monty says “we don’t have them right just yet, but there’s certainly a sign we might!”

IMG_9943 IMG_3890

My buddy Ayrton Pryor of the Spring Mix II was out in the kayak again today and he said the rockfish bite was “on fire.”  Ayrton fished the marshes north of the route 90 bridge again today and caught a total of 27 rockfish…..yes 27!  The larges fish that he caught was 24″ and all of the fish were caught on jig heads and swim shad baits.

IMG_4673 2 IMG_4674

I got a great submission through the Facebook page from Jonn Abbott who fished the Pocomoke river today with his buddy Mike Taylor and put the kaibosh on some slab crappie and a couple of nice yellow perch.  John and Mike used light jig heads with minnows and bobber rigs to make for a tasty fish fry.


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