Never Forget

By Scott Lenox

Never  Forget

It’s hard to believe it’s been 22 years since the horrific events of 9/11/2001.  That day changed so many things in the lives of all Americans, but in honor of all of the people that lost their lives that day….we must never forget.

The crew of the Turnin’ Fins with Captain Jake Shaffer at the helm had a nice day this week with a bunch of mahi and a legal swordfish for the fish box.

This crew on OC Girl had a good time taking advantage of the awesome inshore mahi fishing.

Anglers fishing on the Judith M out of Bahia Marina have seen some good fishing this week with sea bass, flounder and some big trigger fish.

Tina and Jason Cutsail Westminster

Tammie Amsbaugh Des Moines, Ia

Tina Hohenstein from Delmar DE

Brett, Selbyville

Keith Lynch. Ocean View DE

Back bay fishing for flounder has been picking up with cleaner water conditions.  Anglers on the Bay Bee out of the OC Fishing Center are taking full advantage and putting fish in the boat.

Captain Monty Hawkins and the crew of the Morning Star had another great day with the mahi out in the flat calm ocean today.

Carried a handful of regulars aboard today. Enjoyed yet another calm “August-extended” day.
News hyping the distant hurricane makes their munney. But danger? Had to know what you were looking at to even see those looooong period swells of just 6 or 7 feet from far away Lee.
Wind-driven waves of that height and a close period can be dangerous indeed. But a long period swell? Perhaps dangerous for swimmers & a delight for surfers, but no worry to us.
Was fabulous off there.
Marina legend Frank, and one day soon marina legend Hunter (who has it in his blood, after all!) launched today’s 20 reef blocks by the stern rail adding handsomely to St. Ann’s Reef. Turning up and across the reef site, I called them topside to see a mound of cbass already using an almost brand new reef.
Seems too simple to be true, really. But the most basic of artificial reef substrates – concrete blocks (& now our pyramid molds capturing waste concrete at manufacturing plants) can be made into a fine reef. Fish, corals, mussels, (and oysters in our estuaries!) couldn’t give a dern what makes a holdfast for them. Don’t have to be pretty – beauty will come when a reef has grown in.
After our blockdrop – in warmer water than I’ve seen off there yet this year – we started fishing..
Mini-Mahi (total) Mayhem. First limit way before lunch; used dehookers for best release and kept what wasn’t looking like a survivable release. Just a hair shy of a boat limit we hunted better fish with a bit of luck!
Our very own Portly Prince of Recreational Release Mortality: Man, Myth, (& self made) Legend; a man who strikes fear in all Food Lion pastry isle stocking staff; Hurricane Murray his dern self; whose arrival this week so becomes his moniker while portending hurricane Lee’s offshore passage (I hope offshore!)
The Hurricane, our Hurricane, long since bagged out owing a fishing finesse he keeps so well hidden few believe he posses any; Hurricane releases a mini-mahi only to find poor result; the slow downward spiral of a fish not long for the living
Mate Vic: “Look at that marlin!”
From the top deck I can only see a huge shadow passing as the small mahi becomes embedded permanently in the history of our region’s foodweb.
We quickly cut a lure off and tied a 9/0 hook on; then ran another small mahi through both lips and down
Mate Vic, “Got Him Onnn .. .. . “
An absolutely electric moment.
Nah Mate.
Had him on.
With a few unhurried strokes of its huge tail, the fish bowed that bent butt rod deep
..then cut through 250lb hard mono leader like butter.
I suspect wahoo.
A very large one.
Tomorrow’s another day.
I wonder if we’ll have a few wire rigs at the ready…

New tautog video up on our YouTube…check it out and subscribe!!

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