Nice Bigeye and Some Mahi Mayhem

By Scott Lenox

Nice Bigeye and Some Mahi Mayhem

Check out the video above for all that Atlantic Tackle has to offer!

I had the chance to go fishing with my long time friend Dale Timmons today and had an absolute blast.  Dale is the inventor to the Deadly Double flounder rig and he and I both love flounder fishing so when I found out I had some time on my hands I shot him a text and we were on our way.  I was using our Fish in OC Doormat Destroyer live bait rig and Dale used his own custom tied rigs and we both used some live bunker that I caught in the cast net this afternoon.  We had fat fish of 19 1/2″, 20 1/2″ and I had a nice 23 1/4″ fish that was the biggest I’ve caught in a while.  Dale said probably five pounds so I’m going with that.  Great day on the water with my good friend catching some fish and chewing the fat!

Ben Sterling, Brad Smith, Dr. Jeff Michael and @spankbubble caught this beautiful 186 pound bigeye after a 3.5 hour fight in their 29′ Sailfish.  Dr. Jeff has broken my back on more than one occasion (he’s a chiropractor) so I wasn’t surprised he was able to break the back of this nice bigeye.

Captain Chris Watkowski and mates Ayrton Pryor and Jacob Bialik put this crew on the meat when they chunked up six nice yellowfin tuna.

Captain Joe Drosey of Rhonda’s Osprey showed this family a great time and put them on their bucket list white marlin releases today.

The Thomasson family had a great time with Captain Franky Pettolina of Last Call Charters today when they caught a bunch of mahi and a fat yellowfin tuna.

Captain Willie Zimmerman is having a great time running the brand new 65′ RoShamBo out of the Ocean City Fishing Center.  His anglers are having a great time too catching tuna, mahi and white marlin.

Captain Chase Eberle of Chasin’ Tides Charters has had a great couple of days with a nice tuna and a ton of mahi for his anglers.

16-Year-old Nathan Babikow landed this stud 38 pound mahi in the Washington Canyon while fishing on the private boat Green Boat.

The mahi are so thick in the ocean and have come so far inshore that Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star had a boat limit of them today.

Sailed with less than 1/2 a load of clients. Keep telling folks we’re catching, dogone Covid makes sales anemic. There was admittedly some small bit of evil in today’s sea conditions. Didn’t get real bad, but then we did get in early so perhaps it developed later. As ever we dropped 4 mini tog-condos and pressed on. Our first drop was mahi-mayhem. At every stop thereafter we had at least a few. Ended up leaving early with a boat limit of mahi. My first limit ever on the inshore grounds.
I had made our pool “sea bass only” and we did nick just a few. Had I known dolphin were going to bite the bottom off the boat I’d have made it mahi only!
Doren Daniels had the largest mahi by far. Not quite a ‘gaffer’ – we did net it and a few others. Most were small bailers. Bob Hauser has another good one. One fellow was catching doubles consistently on spec rigs – grinning ear to ear.
Good stuff.
Scott Roberts of Baltimore won the pool with a right decent sea bass.
It was quite the bite..
The Ocean City Reef Foundation has had extraordinary luck finding reef material of late. We’ve an 85 foot tug, the Hoss, coming that will deplete nearly all our available monies. Have two more tugs and a large barge we can have for scrap value. Right now scrap steel is cheap!
If we can raise more capitol we’ll be able to build a lot more reef this fall.
Our reef fisheries can be made better than ever before.
Find and help put a very bright spot in 2020!

Captain Chris Mizurak of the Angler said the flounder took the day off, but the sea bass more than made up for it with several limits around the rail.

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