Nice Bigeye on the Overnight

By Scott Lenox

Nice Bigeye on the Overnight

Ocean City Tuna Tournament is on the countdown clock….T Minus four days!!

The wind blew up a little last night and lingered into today making the ocean a wee bit snotty for the ride home.  It also made the back bay a little less clean than it has been over the last several days.  The wind wasn’t bad enough to keep anybody at the dock though, and there were plenty of fish caught both inshore and off.

Captain Mike Burt, mate David Burt and the crew of the Pumpin’ Hard returned from an overnight trip this afternoon and greeted the fish cleaners at Sunset Marina with a pile of tuna.  The crew decked a total of 12 fish with a big 134 pound bigeye as the feature and also released a white marlin.

Captain Joe Drosey of Rhonda’s Osprey was all over the big bluefish again today and he also added a couple of yellowfin tuna for his happy anglers.

Sea bass fishing is phenomenal considering it’s July and today Captain Chris Mizurak saw some more good fishing for his anglers.

Captain Monty Hawkins had a “nautical” ride home today, but it was after he showed his folks some reel good sea bass fishing.

Limits of sea bass in July?
Been since 2002 I think; since I’ve seen sea bassing like this in high summer that is. 
Wind puffed up yesterday afternoon. Went from flat calm to just a bit of chop time we got in. Kept blowing into the evening. Some of last night’s newborn swell remained this morning. Wasn’t all that. Plenty nice day. Ran off a good ways before dropping 24 reef blocks & a pyramid—started fishing.
Today’s sea bass bite was mostly fussy with an occasional decent pick around the rail. Nice fish too.
They came on better after it was time to go home. Seems every species bites better when it’s time to leave.
So we stayed.
And, because no good deed goes unpunished, the dagone wind came on again too. At 20 knots and gusty our ride home was fairly nautical.
Nate was first to limit. He’d brought sand fleas and it made a difference. Next, and only moments later really, was Mark. A few more would limit also.
Too dang choppy to get the names right today.
Mark Debinski caught himself a keeper flounder and the Turko family had a great time while fishing on board the Miss Ocean City with Captain Anton and mate Joey.
Captain Mark Spagnola of Dusk to Dawn Bowfishing sent these pics in today of some awesome action with cow nosed and southern rays.  One pair of shooters hit the mark (no pun intended) on a big southern.
Big Bird Cropper and his friend Bo had a good day of chucking Roy Rigs at the route 50 bridge.  The guys had a keeper flounder, a limit of bluefish and some nice rockfish up to 27″.
I don’t know what my young buddy Danny Tobin is mean mugging about….he caught a nice flounder on the Fish in OC Dale Timmon’s Deadly Double today!

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