Nice Yellowfin Tuna

By Scott Lenox

Nice Yellowfin Tuna

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Well today’s weather in the ocean was the opposite of yesterday where it started off rough and calmed down nicely.  Today things started off relatively calm and had picked up “nautical” by the end of the day.  Thankfully fishing for the tuna and sea bass fleets was good and worth the ride home.

Rich Sammons and his crew had a terrific day on board the Talkin’ Trash with Captain Chris Little out of the Ocean City Fishing Center.  Captain Chris put the group on another great day of fishing with 12 nice yellowfin tuna ending up in the fish box.

Captain Joe Drosey fished between the Baltimore and Wilmington Canyons today and had a nice catch of fish for his crew as well.  Anglers on Rhonda’s Osprey put five yellowfin tuna on the dock at Sunset Marina.  Thanks to Sunset for the pic!

Sea bass fishing was stellar again today and Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star had limits around his rail.

Day sure started pretty. Got right nautical though.
But not too nautical.
Dropped blocks at Two Tanks Reef and kept going. (Two Tanks Reef is just that. An M60 Abrams and an APC from the Army’s ‘Operation Reef Ex’ back in 1994. Both are sited within 70 feet of each other. By dropping blocks there for a few more years we’ll have turned two small reefs into a single, much larger reef..)
We found sea Bass fishing finest kind today. Everyone that was fishing limited out. Even had a couple guys who were under-medicated for today’s sea conditions do quite well. I thot they might be chewing when I had mate Vic do a test drop first thing – no bait, just drop a rental rod rig to the bottom to see what the current’s doing before we started fishing. He bowed-up right away. A keeper sea bass had taken a bare hook..
Yup. They were biting.
Cathy, as ever, was first to bag out. Caught hers in an hour and fifteen minutes. Rest assured her 11 cats will enjoy fine dining tonight.
Fellow up on the bow in this rocky weather, Mr. HotRod himself & King of the double keepers today, Mike Oates of OCMD was close behind—so close he may actually deserve credit. With 3 guys in one cooler it’s hard to keep track.
William Hawkins of Baltimore took everyone’s pool money with a fat Cbass. Craig McClung from Goldsboro MD also had his share of double keepers.

Captain Kane Bounds of Fish Bound reported that fishing is taking a little more effort lately, but it’s still resulting in some terrific fishing.  Captain Kane has put two trips on boat limits in consecutive days.

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