Nor’Easter Brings Rain, Wind and Flooding to OC

Nor’Easter Brings Rain, Wind and Flooding to OC

By Scott Lenox

Scott Lenox

Scott is the owner of Fish in OC and host of Ocean City’s fishing television show Hooked on OC. He has worked in the fishing industry and fished the waters in and around Ocean City for over 25 years.

The good news is that hurricane Joaquin has decided to head east and is now not forecast to make any U.S. landfall.  The bad news is that his presence has helped strengthen the nor’easter that we have been dealing with the past few days.  You wouldn’t be surprised if I were to report that there has been NO fishing for the past couple of days, but actually, there has been.  I went into town yesterday morning to check out the flooding impact Ocean City was experiencing and was very surprised to see two guys fishing from the bulkhead on 2nd street bayside.  The conversation went like this…..

Me:  How you guys doin?

Guys:  “All good, how you doin?”

Me: I’m good….are you all out of your minds?

Guys:  “Nah, we bought up these bloodworms yesterday and we HAD to use ’em up.”

Me:  Roger that.  Are you catching anything?

Guys:  “Couple small stuffs…little black fish with big mouths.”

Me:  Sounds like a sea bass.  I’m surprised you even caught that!

Guys:  “Yeah us too I guess.  Prolly gonna pack it up here in a couple minutes…this IS pretty stupid ain’t it?”

Me:  Yes it is….pretty awesome, but pretty stupid.  Good luck if you keep at it, and be safe.


I continued on about my business and did find some moderate flooding in downtown Ocean City.  These photos were taken at low tide so the flooding did get worse at times of high tide.

12027747_792460104198412_7441851413335981066_n 12047032_792819707495785_405763678487687258_n 12032110_792408920870197_4450090798671902412_n

Due to the strong northeast wind the inlet parking lot and beach are still closed to the public which has made the OC boardwalk a ghost town.

12143200_792720917505664_4822389168213369206_n 12143200_792720917505664_4822389168213369206_n

Based on the forecast and the look of the inlet the past few days I don’t think anyone will be fishing inshore or offshore until probably Wednesday.  The wind forecast doesn’t look too bad late next week into the weekend.  Hopefully this terrible weather pattern will give way to some sunny skies, light winds and calm seas, and we can find out if the tuna are still in the canyons and the flounder are still on the inshore wrecks.


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