Perseverance in The Face of Adversity

By Scott Lenox

Perseverance in The Face of Adversity

Check out Atlantic Tackle in West Ocean City!

It started off awful chilly this morning as we began to warm up from last night’s lows in the 40s.  By late morning it had warmed up nicely and except for a little breeze it was a pretty awesome fall day.  It’s the weekend too so there were lots of anglers on the water trying to catch some fish for the freezer.

It’s the time of year when surf fishing can get pretty good if you are in the right place at the right time.  Yesterday, Steven Sweigert and Mike Dzurnak (AKA Dessert Snack) hit the Assateauge surf after the kid’s soccer games and had a reel nice time.  The guys caught a nice slot red drum that they were able to harvest  and another JUMBO 50″ fish that they released to swim another day.

The mahi are still chewing the bottom off of boats out in the canyons and today was more of the same.   Captain Joe Drosey of Rhonda’s Osprey put his group on a bunch of mahi and a keeper swordfish on today’s trip.

Anglers on the Boss Hogg out of Sunset Marina had a nice trip today with a bunch of “peanut” mahi and some tilefish for the freezer.

Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star had to work for the fish early today, but they turned on nicely by this afternoon.

Acted like a beautiful October day coming. Clear blue sky, light wind; forecast looked good.
Time young Luke Delp of Grasonville MD was pushing penthouse units by the rail at Capt. Bob Gowar’s Barge a different sort of day was shaping up.
NE @ 16/18 then rain.
Ocean wasn’t rough, just a bit angry.
Fish weren’t “not biting,” just not real well.
Skates, eels – come a nice keeper sea bass; that sort of day.
Whatever it was changed about noontime. Fish bit. Rail got busy. Imaes Bacoat of Overly MD limited first. Young Luke soon followed. Others worked into double digits on sea bass. Some guy fishing the bow had 9 fluke in a row—kept 3. Zig was catching double keeper sea bass.
Quoting Churchill, we exercised ‘Perseverance in the face of adversity.’
Sometimes you gotta tough it out.
Keep Fishing.

Captain Chris Mizurak of the Angler has moved tomorrow’s trip to Tuesday due to weather and hopes that the fishing is like it was today with plenty of fish around the rail.

Anglers on the Ocean City Girl with Captain Jeff Stewart had a great time catching a limit of sea bass on today’s trip.

Captain Drew Zerbe of the Tortuga had a good day with keeper flounder on both the morning and afternoon trips.

Wes McCabe fished with his brother Brad today and landed this fat 22″ keeper flounder on a live minnow in the center channel by the route 50 bridge.

The Costanzo crew had a fat 22″ flounder today as well that was caught on a live spot in the east channel.

Trevor Hardman and crew had a nice day at the south jetty putting the kids on some sheepshead and a keeper tautog.

The water in the bay is pretty clean and the flounder fishing is pretty good.  This keeper was caught on the Oceanic Pier in downtown Ocean City.

Organizers of this year’s Tangier Classic over on the Chesapeake Bay had a great tournament a few weeks back and were able to donate a bunch of money to a local youngster that is….like Captain Monty said…..Persevering in the Face of Adversity.  In September of 2019, 6-year-old Franklin Kirwan was diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis Type 1 which is a condition that will cause tumors to grow all over his body, inside and out, for the rest of his life.  This little trooper has a port a cath in his chest, he has undergone countless MRIs, brain scans and PET scans, and he is currently in the midst of chemotherapy treatments.  Unfortunately, Frank is also now legally blind due to complications from treatment.  Through it all Frank has smiled and kept his spirits high and according to Tangier Classic tournament directors he was a no-brainer to be this year’s beneficiary.  Congratulations to the Tangier Classic for an awesome tournament and for donating over $31,000 to Franklin Kirwan.  Good on you folks!!

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