Sea Bass, Rockfish, Black Drum and A Big Squid on A Jig

By Scott Lenox

Sea Bass, Rockfish, Black Drum and A Big Squid on A Jig

It’s been cold the past week or so and we’ve also had some wind to deal with so there hasn’t been a ton of fishing going on.  Today was a little nicer with calm winds early and pretty warm temps for most of the day so there were some boats on the water bending a rod.

I took a short trip myself today and caught some short rockfish around the south jetty.  Wind was out of the south for a bit, but it was a nice day to get out and do some fishing.

The party boat fleet was able to get out today as well and fishing was pretty good for most.  Captain Chris Mizurak of the Angler reported sea bass with a couple of flounder and scup mixed in.

Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star didn’t have a great day today, but he did have a good day with a few sea bass limits and one unique catch of a live squid.

Weather looked OK; seemed like it would play-out alright. Could have even called it decent in the morning. John deployed 20 blocks and a special pyramid for Ms Nancy before heading on off further. Day started with a pass. My first stop didn’t look worthwhile – left it for another day; another year more likely. Second, third, fourth & fifth spots all looked fantastic. Indeed, I’m certain the fifth had enough cbass to seal the deal – limit us out. As luck would have it this day, however, all those spots also had the dreaded green eyed spiny dogfish – a shark of ill repute if ever there was! Couple drops cbass – then swiftly our catch would become all sharks. Oyyyyyy… Borrowed from US Artillery “Shoot & Scoot.”Shifting winds made the day doable. More west; then more south, then back – at 17 to 19 knots it could have built a set has it locked on the compass. Wind came hard south just as the boys hauled anchor for the last time.Came a light rain.. Dreary day – dreary catch (for this time of year!) Just two fellows limited. A few did very poorly. Wasn’t for a lack of trying. Everyone gave it their best. My crew had to pull anchor 11 times. I looked an additional 3 spots that didn’t appear worth anchoring over. Tomorrow looks calmer by far ..but still cloudy with a light shot of precip late in the afternoon. We’ll make it work. Will try to evade devil dogs.. Cheers,Monty(Seeing cbass cannibal behavior – seems more than ever for fall. 3 to 5.5 inch sea bass being snacked on by 14+ in)

Jeff Weeks and Dave Weller had some fun catching and releasing a bunch of short rockfish at the north and south jetties.

Becky Vail was using a tog jig with green crab inside the south jetty on board her “Bay Life” when she landed this pretty black drum.

It’s Holiday Time!!  Don’t forget the Oyster Stuffing!!  Hit the vid for our recipe!!

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