Sea Bass, Scup, 20 Pound Tautog and A Seasick Blogger

By Scott Lenox

Sea Bass, Scup, 20 Pound Tautog and A Seasick Blogger

It was a little cloudy today, but otherwise the weather was nice again so it was a great day to be out on the water……for most.  I had the opportunity to head out on the Morning Star with Captain Monty Hawkins today and after a great start and catching a dozen or so fish, Sergeant Seasick gave me a gut punch and sent me to the deck.  It wasn’t rough by any stretch, but me and swells don’t get along so well.  I write this because I’m a transparent guy and because sea sickness is something that afflicts all kinds of people.  Don’t be embarrassed by it if it happens to you.  Prepare yourself the best you can by taking chewables like Bonine or some other method of motion sickness preventative and hope for the best.  Most of the time you’re going to be fine.  Other times you’re going to have to deal with it like I did today.  I can tell you this, as horrible a feeling that it is it won’t keep me from going out in the ocean again the next chance I get.  So if you’re prone to sea sickness and think it sucks, you’re in good company, and it does.

My buddy Dave Sikorski from CCA Maryland picked up my slack today on board the Morning Star and everybody else on board had a great day of fishing.

Almost a boat limit..

Grayest kind of December day. Sunrise offered a bit of orange and then the sky darkened. 


Dave Sikorsky of CCA MD gave our blocks a shove, pyramid too. Bullseyes both; made an investigative drop right there – found lots of small sea bass and too many of the dreaded spiny dogfish! 

We pressed on. 

Didn’t need to anchor at first. Wind and current were pinched just so – opposing each other. Sat still enough to have tog fished really — super still. Like two anchors still. 

Had current though. Found sea bass biting. 

Dagoned if Hurricane Murray didn’t land the first limit. Booooyyyy.. A calm(ish) day and Hurricane boxed out first. Someone’s luck somewhere must have gone terribly bad for Murray to have any luck at all. 

Mike from Queenstown landed the pool winner..

In plenty late. 

Glad to have scheduled a late start tomorrow. 



Captain Chase Eberle of Chasin’ Tides Charters had a nice day of tautog fishing today with 14 keeper fish going in the box.  This lucky angler also caught a slob of 30″ and approximately 20 pounds.

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Today's Daily Angle Brought to You By

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