So Many Bluefish, So Little Time

By Scott Lenox

So Many Bluefish, So Little Time

It was another EXTREMELY windy day in Ocean City and surrounding areas today.  The wind was blowing hard out of the south and there were more whitecaps on the bay today than there was flat water.  There were still some anglers out after bluefish as they continue to be caught in crazy numbers, and we had some Fish in OC action in other parts of the state as well.

Even though there are some small rockfish around and flounder fishing is picking up all the time, the bluefish action continues to dominate the inshore fishing scene.  Bluefish action at the Oceanic Pier is still really good with lots of big fish being caught.  Some of the blues are still eating shad baits, but most everyone has figured out that cut mullet and bunker are the way to go.  Cut mullet is working pretty good, but the fresh bunker that they sometimes have at the pier is the real ticket.

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Catching bluefish is awesome, but bow fishing bluefish is more awesome!  Captain Marc Spagnola of Fish in OC inshore charter Dusk to Dawn Bowfishing is good at bow fishing skates, rays and snakehead fish, but bow fishing bluefish is next level type stuff.  Captain Marc shot this bluefish near the route 50 bridge.


I’ve gotten a couple more Facebook submissions with some photos of anglers that are having some good luck with the bluefish in the back bay.  Cayman Man said fishing at the Oceanic Pier has been “superb.”

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Jennifer Giron sent in a couple of photos of some 35″+ blues that she and her husband caught off of the Oceanic Pier.  One of them took a piece of Jennifer’s finger before it went in the cooler.

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Chris Shamblin, Nick Denny and Scott Kemp have been having good luck with the bluefish from the Oceanic Pier and from the 3rd street bulkhead.

thumbnail_FB_IMG_1493609549512 thumbnail_FB_IMG_1493694354880

John Witmyer of Crabs to Go was out with Big Bird Cropper this morning and the boys found a pile of bluefish…..literally…..a pile.


Chris Meister submitted this photo of a nice bluefish that he caught at the Oceanic Pier over the weekend.


Captain Brian Behe of the inshore charter Buffalo Hunter Guide Service was on the scenic Pocomoke River today with the Trager family from Ocean City, NJ and endured the high winds and a very high tide to have a nice day.  Captain Brian put the Tragers on some good crappie fishing with fish up to 13″, a couple of catfish and a couple of really big gar.  Throw in some Crabs to Go crab crakes from the grill during the trip and that’s one awesome day on the river.

IMG_1013 123_1

Adam Pattisall and his Increditek crew whacked the rockfish today and made it back to the dock in time for an early lunch. They were fishing with Captain Mark Hoos and mate Mark Stephens on the charter boat MARLI in Solomon’s Island, MD.

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