Swordfish Join the Party

By Scott Lenox

Swordfish Join the Party

We had a very nice start to the day today with light winds and sunny skies, but all that changed after 1 O’clock when Mother Nature called our payment for all the beautiful weather this week.  It’s pouring at my house right now and is supposed to rain all night as the wind picks up and messes things up for at least tomorrow.  The weather looks good again midweek this coming week before really blowing again next weekend.  It is October.

The offshore bite has been really good over the past several days with mahi, tuna and a bunch of wahoo being captured.  Now there is a really good bite for swordfish for boats that are putting in the time and patience has been paying off. Captain Willie Zimmerman of the RoShamBo has had good fishing this week and has had good luck with swordfish.  His crew lost a nice fish today, but overall has had much success with the offshore pelagics lately.

Capitan Chris Watkowski of the Spring Mix II had his last trip of the season before heading to Florida for the winter.  It was a good trip too with wahoo, tuna and mahi ending up on the dock.

Captain James Coane and his crews on Reel Current have been doing very well offshore and they look to go again this week with wahoo, tuna, mahi and swordfish on the agenda.

Travis Smith, his son Tyler and friends Matt and Jeremy fished overnight Thursday into Friday and had a good trip with their first sword that was over 140 pounds.  They also harvested a white marlin that was DOA, a nice yellowfin and some mahi.

Rick Strauss and his crew had a nice day of fishing at the Hot Dog today when they caught 27 nice mahi from 8 to about 14 pounds.

Chris Tilghman, Ian Tilghman and Chris’ son in law Chris Curry caught three keeper flounder of 17″, 18″ and 20.5″ just before the rain started today.

Ryan Ellerman caught this 17″ keeper tautog on the incoming tide this morning using whole green crabs.

Captain Chris Mizurak of the Angler reported decent fishing on today’s trip with a couple of flounder, a bunch of nice sea bass and a blurry camera lens.

Capitan Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star enjoyed another boat limit of sea bass with some triggerfish for his crew today.

Weatherman’s been hyping this storm some ferocious. 


Came some rain late. Calm day. 

Fish sure bit. Almost beat the rain to the dock..

Had 6 from among my favorite regulars. Took em first to Uncle Murphy’s (brand new) Reef where Big John dropped a twenty-block unit into the landing craft’s cargo hold  

..I hope. That’s a hard shot. I’ll get it dialed in though. 

Had to work at it to bring the fishing to life. At one point a two anchor set turned completely to mush. Both lines limp yet not moving at all. Blood pressure issues when it’s like that. 

Passengers had a boat limit of cbass and some triggers. 

Captain had one. 

Thank goodness for a generous client! 

Even Anna is getting a few today.. Maybe he’s trying to keep me from using his initials? 

Fish fry on a rainy Saturday night. 


Had trigger night before. Just Reef & Beef Spice. https://www.ocreefs.org/donate

 Man that’s good fish & spice.. 

Announcing more trips tomorrow via email I expect. Looked like a lot of good days – then it didn’t. We’ll see. 

Also some 40/50 knot winds forecast next Saturday. Enough of that! 

I don’t recall a single boat limit all spring and summer. Now we’re 3 limits out of 4 trips since cbass reopened. 

Pressure is high. Being culled hard. 

Sure looks good for now!



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