Tautog, Snakeheads and The First Back Bay Rockfish of the Season

By Scott Lenox

Tautog, Snakeheads and The First Back Bay Rockfish of the Season

Check the vid for restocks at Atlantic Tackle!

We had a nice, calm day in Ocean City today with some warm temps and some very calm seas.  Reports still aren’t happening every day thanks to the weather, but they are becoming a little more frequent.

Some folks are going to love to see the below report of some rockfish at the route 90 bridge.  There have probably been a few fish around for a while, but now that things are starting to warm up we should start to see more being caught at the route 90 and Verrazano bridges.  Today, Donnie Post had some luck with shad baits at route 90 where he caught fish up to about 18″.

Captain Marc Spagnola of Dusk to Dawn Bowfishing was back on the river last night and had much success for his crew.  The guys found some very nice snakeheads and some big carp in the shallows and hit their mark with some great shooting.

Things are waking up more and more on the Pocomoke River with the warmer temps.  Captain Brian Behe of Buffalo Hunter Guide Service has been putting clients on some good fishing for crappie, yellow perch, bass and some pickerel.

Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star and his crew enjoyed some beautiful weather and some good fishing today.

An Irish friend, Eeamon,  had asked if he might invite some friends along for St. Patrick’s..Sure.We bumped the trip up a day on account of weather. Ocean glassy calm, sunrise fantastic; Irish shoved the blocks and a pyramid over atop Al Berger’s Reef. We pressed on. At my first spot the anchor line hung straight down. Just the weight of the rope held my boat in place.. Oyyyy… We did have a period of several hours where an anchor line would almost come tight, even double anchored briefly. I suspect, however, that we spent nearly half the day ‘drifting’ without movement. Such a slack current sure didn’t help the bite much, but the day had its bright spots. We even finished with a humpback whale & saddleback dolphin show. For starters though, my good friend who can recall how the cod bit on April 18th, 1974, was nailing tog soon after we got started. He was already 5 to the good, (including a fine male whose last name might be Leno and a double header) before anyone else set the hook on a tog. Awkward? Yup. Happens though. Hit lots and lots of spots. Pool winners looked to be tied until, at our last drop, Don put a large lady in the boat. While many of my regulars would have put her back hoping she’d put on another couple pounds, so far as spawning production goes those 16/18 inch females we release will carry the task forward for 15 or more years. Still, if your goal is to join the Twenty Pound Club, putting back strong DDs (double digit weights) makes plenty of sense!Just sent a reef update yesterday. Whole lot of reef building going to happen in the next 4 weeks or so. Am also working on a broadly understandable letter for DC Staffers about our impending regulatory disaster with sea bass & a deeper appendix showing the futility of using a failed statistics program to create fair regulations. Although, for the moment at least, we’ll still be better off than all states above DE Bay, it’s likely we’ll lose about twenty days of season – best season, when they’re biting the bottom off the boat kind of season – for absolutely no reason other than a series of despicable statistical flukes. You’ll have no trouble believing I’ve had enough of that. For a very long time actually. That problem needs resolution once and for all. If not, it won’t matter how good we leave the fishing. You won’t be allowed to catch your own – just buy em in the market. Cheers Monty 

The Scopp family is enjoying vacation in Costa Rica where today Dillon landed a beautiful yellowfin tuna after an hour long fight and Jason and Jayden doubled up on two nice Pacific sailfish.

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