The Reds Returned

By Scott Lenox

The Reds Returned

It was another nice fall day today with light winds and sunny skies, and though the temps weren’t what they have been the past week or so it was plenty warm to be out on the water enjoying the day.  Ocean bottom fishing was a bit “rolly” today, but some fish still hit the deck and there are lots of fish in the bay right now including some red drum that showed back up for my man Big Bird Cropper and friends.

Speaking of Big Bird, you can check out the latest episode of Hooked on OC below where Bird and I hit the route 50 bridge and catch an “inshore slam” and as always have a great time doing it!

Big Bird was out with Shawn and Jerry today and the trio had an awesome time catching in the inlet and at the route 50 bridge.  The guys had 20 or more red drum with their three keepers each and they released a bunch of short rockfish at the jetty and route 50 bridge.

While Bird and the boys were fishing the route 50 bridge they watched flounder slayer Rich Daiker catch and land a nice 30″ keeper rockfish.  Bird was able to capture this shot of Rich putting the fish in the net.

Jordan Helsel and Matt Winegardner are down fishing this weekend and had a good trip at the route 50 bridge and inlet.  The guys caught some nice bluefish and tautog.

Captain Chris Mizurak of the Angler reported the “rolly” conditions off the beach today, but his anglers still did some damage on sea bass, some nice flounder and triggerfish.

Chad Regner, Scott Regner, Michael Lutz and Bill Hubbard were fishing on board the private boat Second Chance back on November 5 when they landed this 62″ bigeye tuna while deep dropping for swordfish.

Captain Monty Hawkins, his crew and some volunteer reef builders did some more great work for the Ocean City Reef Foundation today.  OCRF if having a raffle that you all might just be interested in.

Greetings Reef Builders! 

Met four volunteers this morning at 7:30. Already had 6 pyramids we’d made in my backyard 
loaded in my truck. We’d get 43 more from the blockpile—pyramids that had been poured at Bear Concrete & Atlantic Concrete in Dagsboro with leftover cement. That made a total of 49 pyramids (4.1 tons) loaded aboard the Morning Star. 
Took em 4.5 miles out – right in between Nanna & Barry Daub’s Reef and George Apple’s Barge to stitch the two pieces loosely together. 
With a bit of luck it will be a flounder hotspot next summer.. 
So far in 2020 we’ve deployed a 55’ barge, an 85’ tug, a 50’ steel sailboat, plus thousands of reef blocks and almost 150 reef pyramids. 
Now we have a 200’ Barge coming – it’s ours – we’ve patched it so it won’t leak on the tow down. Cost for a tow from Baltimore to 9nm East of OC is 100% doable – our largest project ever – and we’ve ALMOST enough funding! 
Although our Benelli Reef Raffle is going well, I thought I’d spice it up with a weekly t-shirt drawing. New mermaid design or tried and true, starting 11/15/20- every Sunday we’ll gather sales, pull three tickets from the fish bowl, contact winners for a size, give them each a shirt & put their ticket back for the main drawing. Get drawn twice and it’s a sweatshirt! 
Every donation builds reef!
OCRF’s 2020 Benelli Raffle features $1,000.00 Cash or a Benelli M-2 from their Performance Shop in 12ga. 
Drawing January 1st, 2020 – Buy your tix at – we’ll fill in your name and take a pic of the stubs to email you. 
Tix one for $10 – six for $50 – fourteen for $100.. 
Tickets are now also available at Atlantic Tackle, AllTackle, on my boat, & Raceway Citgo with more locations soon.
More Coral, More Fish
Our 2019 Fish in OC Dale Timmon’s Deadly Double are on sale right now as we are liquidating the inventory.  These rigs have 30# test and crane swivels and are our first version of the Deadly Double from 2019.  They are just $3 each while supplies last and you can find them at

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