The Tunas Ain’t Gone After All

By Scott Lenox

The Tunas Ain’t Gone After All

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I truly can not believe this weather.  We will have good weather in November, there’s no two ways about it, but the stretch of unbelievably flat calm seas, sunny skies and warm temperatures we’ve seen this week is reely unbelievable.  It looks to last at least one more day before turning sour, but I know I have enjoyed this stretch and lots of anglers have too.  Here is a shot of the ocean….yes the ocean….from the bridge of the Angler today.

Philip and Christy Keller were deep dropping for swordfish on their private boat Tighten Up out of Sunset Marina today when they and their crew were surprised not once, but twice by very, very nice tunas.  The crew combined forces to deck a stud 67 pound yellowfin tuna and a big 186.5 pound bigeye tuna on today’s trip.  Catching tunas while deep dropping for swordfish isn’t rare, even in November, but two big fish like this is definitely not a regular occurrence.  Thanks to Captain Jason Genthner for the pic.

Captain Kane Bounds of the Fish Bound has had some terrific luck with the sheepshead this season.  Lots of fish over 10 pounds with some jumbo fish of 15 pounds hit the deck before heading south for the winter.  Captain Kane is starting to put his anglers on some very nice tautog too as the ocean waters cool for the winter.

Captain Chris Mizurak of the Angler reported another flat calm day with lots of fish over the rail today.

Captain Victor Bunting of the Ocean Princess has been enjoying the weather this week and he has been putting his clients on the same good fishing.

It was a pick for Captain Monty Hawkins and the crew of the Morning Star today, but like a lot of days it ended with a bunch of sea bass limits.

I’m in awe of this lonnnng November calm. Today was near about a cool day in August..
Dropped blocks. Started fishing a while later. Saw whales, a mola-mola, several loggerheads, numerous camera shy bottlenose dolphin, & pulled in a turtle choker..
Fish bit well if just for a short while at each spot. Employed the Artillery Creed: Shoot & Move.
Over half the boat limited. Lucy Miller of Felton PA was first to bag out. She took everyone’s pool money too with a giant double.
Mickey Pfarr from Cincinnati (has come every year w/son Greg for I cannot remember how long) boxed a limit and, along with local angling talent, Sondra Swanson, helped deploy reef blocks today also.
Couple triggers, a seriously nice fluke, steady action on an otherwise tough day..
Can’t say we didn’t make use of the weather.

Captain Chase Eberle of Chasin’ Tides Charters had another great day for this family putting them on a pile of sea bass, some tautog, a triggerfish and a red drum.

The Miss Ocean City with Captain Anton and mate Joey had their last trip of the 2020 season yesterday and it was a good one.  Lots of throwback flounder and some keepers is always awesome when it’s November.

Nick Gunther had the bottom machine full of sea bass imagery and that lead to another pile of them in the corner of his boat.

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