Tog On A Day Cut Short

By Scott Lenox

Tog On A Day Cut Short

Today was about as wintery a day we’ve seen so far this year with cold temps and intermittent snow showers throughout the day.  We saw snow showers in Ocean Pines for several hours today, but there was no accumulation and it really didn’t impact driving much.  There were fewer folks out and about because of the crappy weather and Captain Monty of the Morning Star probably wished he was one of them.

Captain Monty headed to the ocean today based on a not so bad forecast, but was met with a building wind and sea so he smartly called it early and headed for the barn.

Weatherman played his funny game today. All week and yesterday evening? Forecast called for less than 10 knots ENE – said: “Capt! You gotta go fishing!”

Yeah no. 

This morning’s forecast was double. 

Went though. Supposed to fall out mid morning on one forecast but not in the NOAA report. Wind was 18 NE when we cleared the inlet. A young wind; wasn’t much sea built behind it. Seemed to fall out about 6 miles off too but soon came east at 20. 

Having switched 30-some degrees on the compass; was rough, not dangerous. Sure looked like it was going to build a set though. 

Tim dropped today’s reef blocks at Tyler Long’s Reef then we anchored on a few pieces nearby while waiting like Linus in the pumpkin patch for the forecast to come true. 

I had hoped by the time the snow started it would be be glassy calm. Have had some outrageously good days in that weather – so memorable. 

Instead? 20 knots E wind and a building sea.

Fellows caught a few before I called it for rough conditions. Courtney’s Uncle, JoJo, took the pool money. No need hurting anyone. In before 10. No charge. Tomorrow’s another day. 

Gearing up for the season?  Check out Ocean City’s back bay fishing spots!!

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