Weather Delays

By Scott Lenox

Weather Delays

I just got back home from the first ever Chesapeake Bay Boat Show at the Maryland Fairgrounds in Timonium and I have to say it was an awesome event!  There were several boat dealers there with well over 100 boats to look at, jet skis, loads of vendors including me and all sorts of other stuff.  There was a terrific seminar series put together by Lenny Rudow of Fishtalk Magazine and I was honored to be a part of it.  Thank you to everyone that came to the seminar and to everyone that bought rigs and Back the Blue shirts!  Next stop the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, PA February 5-13.

It’s been a hot minute since my last fishing report because the weather has absolutely sucked.  More wind than not and some very wintry precipitation this week have had the fleet tied to the dock.  Today was the Morning Stars very first tog trip of the season which is very late.  Thankfully he and Captain Kane of Fish Bound got out today and they caught some fish too.

Captain Kane had his crew on the Fish Bound out on the rip today and had a good day with the tog.  Captain Kane had his 18 fish self imposed 3 per person limit in the fish box with some other fish released.  The largest of the day went 10, 11 and 12 pounds.

Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star was out for his first tog trip of the season today and he had some luck as well

Talk about a ‘weather delay’ ..sheesh. Today, Jan 23rd, was my first day of tog fishing this winter. Have had years with 40 days in Jan/Feb. Not this year. Be lucky to get 4 days in January! (Did sink a barge on the 13th – a gorgeous day. I’ll skip a day’s fishing for that anytime..)

I expect the bay will ice up before long. Don’t mind breaking ice in the marina; in the bay? No. 


Anticipate an abbreviated winter tog season.. 

As we began fishing I thought the weatherman might be fibbing; but, by 10:30 or so the wind fell out to near-nothing and it grew quite calm.

Didn’t help the bite any. Nicked a few until the current died after lunch. Then it was neigh impossible to get bit. Still, tagged 7 keepers – put em back with American Littoral Society’s yellow lock-on tags. Anyone can participate. I suspect. I’m super close to 1,000 tag returns. Soon.. 

No recaptures today though. Just some good solid educational tog tags for the future. 

Had a few clients today who could have taken the state’s 4 fish limit, another couple that could’ve had the boat’s three fish limit and several too who were skunked. I tell folks like it is – this is one tough fishery, and it’s getting tougher!

Kwon of Silver Spring took the day’s pool with a 22.5 inch female he tagged and released. Yes, released fish count in our pool. 

Guest reef builders were Ed & Pat from DE plus OC local, Spencer.. 


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