Went 100 Miles for the Tunas

By Scott Lenox

Went 100 Miles for the Tunas

It was a little poopy this morning after last night’s storms rolled through thanks to some lingering moisture and some cloudy conditions.  That all cleared up pretty quickly and left a partly sunny sky, warm temps and calm conditions on both the bay and the ocean.

Captain Ron Callis had the Turnin’ Fins out for their first tuna trip of the season and it was a long ride, but a productive trip.  Captain Ron steamed the Turnin’ Fins for 100 miles and found the yellowfin tuna biting decent with five fish in the box after eight bites.  100 miles is still a long way to run with fuel prices what they are, but those fish should be moving this way sooner than later.

The ocean going party boat fleet enjoyed pretty flat conditions today, but the sea bass bite was a little finicky.  Captain Chris Mizurak of the Angler reported a slow start and then a decent pick with plenty of fish meeting their demise by the end of the day.

Captain Victor Bunting of the Ocean Princess has seen decent fishing lately too with plenty of keeper sea bass over the new 13″ minimum size.  Some anglers are catching a couple and others are catching limits.

Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star worked for his fish today, but he too put plenty in coolers.

Thankful of a significant downgrading in today’s forecast; though the ride off began a tad lumpy, it grew noticeably calmer as winds fell below 5 knots. 

John, Steve, Ken, & Darrell splashed today’s reef blocks & two pyramids on a reef that will have been entirely built off my transom. It has already produced fantastic catches of sea bass. 

Fishing today, however, began with a fizzle. Had a hot bite for a few drops, but boy, did we have to work for em otherwise. Didn’t sound as though we were alone. If I could have wrung tears from the VHF radio it would’ve filled a small lake.. 

When the bite gets tough, ain’t a thing to do but fish harder. Brian B of Catonsville took that advice to heart and boxed a limit using a boat rig and boat bait. Another Brian, he from Ellicott City, boated today’s biggest sea bass and pocketed the money.  

Was a gorgeous day on the rip. Saw our first triggerfish of the year. Been seeing loggerhead turtles and perhaps the last of sooty shearwaters as gLooks as though tomorrow will be too.



Monte Whaley used our Fish in OC chartreuse glow Squidly to land a real nice 22″ flounder.

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