Nice Bay Tautog

It was another absolutely beautiful spring day today with very warm temps and sunny skies…but once again the wind blew hard this afternoon and messed it up a little.  We’re looking at more wind for tomorrow… READ MORE

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First Nice Bluefish

We had a really nice day today in and around Ocean City with temps near 60 degrees and sunny skies, but the wind did pick up quite a bit this afternoon.  Report from the bay was… READ MORE

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Got Our *Expletive Deleted* Kicked

I’ll be completely honest from the get-go and say that I did not expect to be putting up a fishing report tonight.  Today’s forecast was for winds of 25-35 with gusts over 40 and that’s exactly… READ MORE

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Flounder and the Season’s First Kingfish

It was another overcast kind of bluh day today with some major fog over the bay and Ocean City until early afternoon, but it didn’t rain, winds were light again and temperatures were warm so anglers… READ MORE

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Flounder in Ocean City

We didn’t have the nicest of days today with some intermittent rain showers, but the wind was light and temperatures were warm so you could get outside if you didn’t mind dodging a few rain drops. … READ MORE

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More Black Drum in the Surf

Overall it was a pretty nice day in and around Ocean City today with warm temperatures and sunny skies.  The wind did start to blow pretty hard this afternoon, but some folks were able to get… READ MORE

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Drum and Tons of Snakehead

We had much cooler temperatures today and the wind was absolutely cranking out of the northeast.  I dropped the Fish in OC Carolina Skiff in the water for the season today at Sunset Marina and thankfully… READ MORE

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First Black Drum of 2019

We were blessed with yet another beautiful spring day today in and around Ocean City.  There was a slight breeze, but skies were sunny (eventually) and temps were warm up into the 60s.  I say eventually… READ MORE

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Schoolie Rock

It was another beautiful spring day in and around Ocean City today.  There was a little wind to contend with, but temperatures were well above normal for this time of year and the sun was out… READ MORE

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Gorgeous Today

It was absolutely gorgeous in and around Ocean City today with no wind to speak of, sunny skies and very warm temperatures.  We are expecting more of the same tomorrow and Tuesday so fishing should be… READ MORE

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La Vida 'Local'

Boat Rentals and Sales at Island Watersports
Boat Rentals and Sales at Island Watersports

If you’re coming to Ocean City for the Labor Day holiday or anytime during the season for that matter and you’re looking to get out on the water for some tubing, sightseeing, cruising or best of… READ MORE

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